Judy and Danny…23

“How do you feel?” asked Abby, helping the Knight sit up.

“I’m fine,” he said, taking the glass of juice she was holding in front of him.  “Thanks.”

“What happened?” said Abby.

“I found Her.  She’s a lot bigger than I thought.”

Abby nodded.  “I was afraid of that.”

“She didn’t even listen to what I had to say, she just tried to kill me on the spot.  I think she’s still mad at Judy’s father, ”

“She is.”

“Where’s Judy?  Why isn’t she by my bedside, holding my hand, or trying to feed me something?”

“Because she almost killed herself, saving your useless life,” hissed Danny, doing claws on the knights calf.


“Big baby,” said the cat, his tail high in the air.

Abby explained what had taken place and the Knight quickly threw on some clothes and ran downstairs.

Judy had more color and was breathing normally.

“Should I kiss her?” asked the Knight, looking at the cat.

“Does she look like Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty, or any of those other stupid princesses who can’t save themselves?”

“Yes.  She does.  She’s unconscious.”

“Fine, give it your best shot,” sighed Danny.

The Knight bent forward and kissed Judy on the lips.  She bit him.  “Can’t a girl take a nap around here without everyone talking or kissing her?”

“Let me look at your lip,” said Abby, grabbing his bottom lip and pulling it down. “You don’t need stitches.”

“I can help with that,” said Danny, his tail whipping back and forth.

“We have more rhinos than we can shake a stick at,” said Joseph.

“What does that mean?” asked Judy.

“Rhinos have been coming here all day and they are ready to fight the rhino riders who are have trapped the others and still want war.  They are in battle mode and ready to protect us, this place, us, and each other.”

“Okay,” said Judy.  “Did our fighters come back to the castle?”

“Yes, they are dug in and ready, Miss.”

“Get Baby for me, please.  I’m going to go up and see what’s happening.”

“That’s a terrible idea,” said her Knight.

“I’ve been having a lot of those lately.  I’m sorry I asked you to look for my awful parents.  Forgive me?”

“Always,” he said, reaching for her

“Good.  I was hoping you’d say that.  Baby and I won’t be gone long.”

“I’m coming with you,” he said.

“Okay.  Let’s do this.”

Abby looked at the cat and said, “I think they’re perfect for each other.”

“Hisssss,” said Danny.

The fox walked in with a blackberry and looked at the cat.

“Do you EVER stop eating?” asked Danny.

“Yip?” said the fox, swallowing the berry.

“I didn’t think so,” sighed Danny.  “There’s going to be a battle, so find someplace to hide.”


“No, you can’t help.  You’ll get hurt, then everyone will feel bad.”


“Because they love you, that’s why.”


Judy was on Baby and her Knight was on Rusty.  They looked at each other, then took off.  They could see the castle and the herd of rhinos circling it. They could see their fighters, in place.  And they could see the rhino fighters moving through the forest and the ones already in the air.

Suddenly, Rosy and Runway flew past them, heading toward the rhino fighters.

“Wait,” shouted Judy, who took off after them.

The Rhino fighters saw them and came rushing at them.  As soon as they were in reach, the rhino fighters rhinos lowered their heads and Rosy and Runway knocked the men out of their saddles.  Their rhinos watched them fall.

Rosy nodded as they flew past, on their way to the castle.

“Their army has been considerably diminished,” said Judy.  “The rhinos don’t want to fight.  We need to help them break free.  Let’s go back to the castle,” said Judy.”

Her Knight nodded and Judy was suddenly back in her apartment, sitting at her desk, in front of her typewriter.  Danny was asleep on the chair in the corner.  “NO!” she shouted.  “NO!”





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4 Responses to Judy and Danny…23

  1. Resa says:

    The Rhinos work is done. Free The Rhinos!

  2. I’m working on it, believe me.

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