Judy and Danny…22

“What did you think you were doing?  Were you TRYING to kill yourself?”

Judy didn’t recognize the voice.  “You’re really LOUD,” she said.  “Who are you and why are you inside my head?”

“I’m your mother and you almost drained yourself for that…for that…”


“Yes, for that Knight.  You had no idea what you were doing.”

“Mmmm I wonder whose fault THAT is,” said Judy.

“I gave you some of my energy, so you should be fine, but don’t do anything that stupid again.”

“Well, thanks for the boost but you can go now.  Go back to wherever you were hiding and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”


“Go away.”

“I told your mother this would happen,” said a deep, husky voice.  “You can’t just let a person with your potential walk around untrained.  But NOOOOOO, she said you’d be better off being normal…whatever THAT is.”



“Get lost.”

“Miss,” said Abby, replacing the wet cloth on Judy’s forehead.  “Miss.”

“What’s with all these wet cloths?” she asked, pushing it away.

“Ah,” said Abby, “There you are.”

“How’s my Knight?” she asked, quickly, starting to sit up.  Then the world went sideways and she had to hold onto the table, in order not to fall off.  “Why is everything spinning so fast?”

“Your Knight is doing better.  We put him in a bed.  You’re on the table now.  He needs rest but he’s going to live, thanks to you.  You, on the other hand, almost gave him too much of yourself and by doing that, you almost died.  Thankfully, Danny bit you and broke the connection.”

“Where is Danny?” she asked, and the cat  leapt lightly onto her chest. “Ow.”

“Oh, get a grip.  I’m not THAT heavy.”

“Are too.”

“How did it feel?” asked the cat.

“How did what feel and can I get a glass of water, please.”

“Almost being dead?  How did it feel?”

“Mmmmm like nothing, then like sleeping, at least until my mother and father showed up.  They seem like idiots I told them to go away.  And almost being dead isn’t being dead, so we didn’t learn a single thing.”

“They must have loved being told to get lost,” meowed the cat.

“Don’t care.  Don’t need them in my life. Trying to find them was a mistake for all of us.”

The cat nodded, then licked her chin.  “You seem okay, but your electrolytes are a little off.  All the energy you expended…what were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t.  I just did what I had to do,” she said. “I’m really tired.”

“You taste like something else too,” saidDanny.  “Something like you but not you.”

She nodded, as her eyes closed. “Oh, that, ” she muttered.  “That was probably just my mom,” and then she was asleep.

“Yip?” said the fox.

“You heard her,” said Danny.


“Yes, she said her mom helped her.”


“I know, right?” said Danny.  “We need to tell the others.”

‘Yip, yip?”

“The rhinos will have to wait a few minutes.”


“I know they’re gathering, just give me a minute,” said Danny, and he jumped to the floor and took off.

The fox picked up his strawberry and went into the kitchen.  “Yuiimp,” he said, which was “Yip,” with his mouth full.



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