Big Wings, Melody Farms (shopping center)

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9 Responses to Big Wings, Melody Farms (shopping center)

  1. Romantic Ninja says:

    Love the photograph!

  2. Oh! I love this….just love it! YOU look amazing you butterfly you! ❤

  3. Resa says:

    LOVE this! You look fab! We have some of these wings in TO, but no one is ever with me to take my pic. Anyway, you look way better than I do.

    • I will NEVER look better than you do. But I do love the wings. They are so much fun and you need to get N to take your picture with the ones by your house. I’d tell you to ask Jeep, but well, you know. paws and everything.

  4. m.caimbeul says:

    Now isn’t that neat, you look great with wings👍

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