What if…

Soap Bubble, Color, Colorful, Iridescent

what if life is like a super highway of running colors and we just go with the flow mixing and bumping into different runnels not liking some hues but loving others only to be flung away from the peace and quiet of blue to find ourselves in flaming red sliding for our lives until we hit yellow and the sun comes out and pushes us in to the white of the sky which drops us onto the green we think of as grass and everyone stares at ebony as it swirls like the black holes we read about no one knowing what’s on the other end after pink is grabbed by the event horizon and swallowed by the rotating energy and is stretched into dust while space and time change places and there is no sound that we know of or maybe we just can’t hear it or recognize it and then orange bursts into being chased by gay and we see purples and colors for which we have no name and blobs and blotches drift by on their way to somewhere else as a brush dips into a stream of sparkling water and everyone sees a rainbow at the very same time

what if life is just like that

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