Art and the philosophy of life

Did you ever notice how one thing can lead to another? Yes! Well, that’s exactly how my old Barbie got an Art gown. In Art Gowns spirit, nothing new was purchased for this project. Barbie’s Art Gown is made from a circa 1970 Schiaparelli tie, from my stash. The print size is perfect. It all […]

via Art Gowns does Schiaparelli on Barbie — Art Gowns

Comments on: "Art Gowns does Schiaparelli on Barbie — Art Gowns (Resa made a gown for a Barbie doll)" (15)

  1. So fantastic. Shapereilli and Resa! I’ll be coming for it soon!

  2. That’s a fantastic idea!!! Love it!

  3. Much improved Barbie:)

  4. Thanks Gi!!! I’m quite behind in everything, but catching up! It was a lot of fun doing that gown for Barbie. Unfortunately her waist is so ridiculously tiny, it caused extra work. Lol!

    • I was telling Deb about it today. I said the tiny straps on her back and everything else must have taken forever. It’s beautiful and I’m assuming fun, since it’s something done on MUCH a smaller scale. And…the cat’s didn’t barf on it. So that’s good too.

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