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The rainforest…

When I was at Barnes I read where the fire was started by those who wanted more land for their CATTLE to graze.  If we were all vegetarians the world would be rid of all the horror, terror, screams and agony of slaughtered animals and no one would have to burn the forest.  Eating animals is a destructive force on so many levels. it’s a holocaust that never ends and those who eat them, are the cause.  Only the innocent die.

Comments on: "The rainforest…" (4)

  1. Yeah, sure, Gigi, but they taste so darn good. Ask any self-absorbed, gluttonous meat-eater, they’ll tell you. Oh, and where else are you going to get your protein?

    • I know. Same excuses over and over again. And what I don’t get is how they can love their companion animals and work for CERTAIN animals and then allow what they eat, to cause horrific pain and suffering. How do they draw that line?

  2. Dear Gigi… thank you always for speaking the Truth.. and nice to be here with Peter who also has his fantastic site…

    • I am so grateful for your generous words. Thank you so very, very much. And Peter is amazing. No doubt about that. Thank you again. I’m so sorry this is being answered so late.

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