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I stopped at Barnes & Nobles today.  I went to the magazine section first and grabbed my favorites, ADBUSTERS, HEDGEHOG, etc., and after spending about 30 minutes looking through the racks, I realized that we are in more trouble than we even imagined.  Horrifying.  Fighting and nightmares in everything I saw.  I finally made myself walk away.  I didn’t even buy the new ADBUSTERS, which I love.  I was overwhelmed by the problems, by the devastation, by the hopelessness, on every page.  So, I started to wander around.

I looked in all my favorite spots.  Almost bought a French poetry book about love, by old, long dead, poets, but I put it back.  I picked up a book by Bukowski, who hates women, and it opened to a page that proved that point to the max, so I put that back.  I looked for books on Paris, but nothing new was on the shelves. The sociology section was a bust and I even walked through some sections I never look at.

I left empty handed and went to Whole Foods, where I bought a huge slice of chocolate Vegan cake, from THE CHICAGO DINER, and ate that.  Sigh.

I think the world is on fire and if we don’t put the flames our fast, there won’t be anything thing left to kill each other for.


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8 Responses to Barnes…

  1. m.caimbeul says:

    As an ancient present says, “The trouble with humanity is the adults are children playing with their toys in a house that’s burning to the ground.”

  2. Watt says:

    I really think that holding onto hope is the right thing to do. Weather changes.

    • It does indeed. But hope only works with action and that’s what’s going to have to happen if we want change. People can hope for degrees but if they don’t go to school, they won’t get one…works that way for everything. Hope is not enough. Hope is a thought, an idea, a wish. Action makes things happen. I think we’ll be pushed into action at some point and that’s the change in the weather I’m looking forward to seeing. 🙂

  3. I think the generations are doomed. There will never come a simpler time, less a catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude reboots humanity. Perhaps that is our just deserves, catastrophe. As a realist, hope is an empty vessel. Religion and politics inspire hope, and where has that gotten us? Action is the force of change. And there are too few possessed of hope and no action. How was the cake?

    • Cake was DELICIOUS. It’s from a vegan restaurant in the city. A fantastic place. Everything there is yummy and vegan, of course. I just wrote the exact thing you’re talking about. Hope is useless without action. Hope is an idea, a thought, if you don’t DO anything, it’s meaningless. Hoping won’t change a single thing. I’m with you, people think hope will get things done and it won’t. Hope alone, won’t accomplish a single thing.

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