Okay, so…

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So, I was looking at this thing on Bored Panda, where women wrote in and said that when they are out at a bar and a man wants to buy them a drink, if they order something non-alcoholic, the man gets ANGRY.  Some of them get very angry.  Men want women to drink for all the reasons you’re thinking of right now.

A male bartender said that 30-50% of the men try to slip him money to increase the alcoholic content of a woman’s drink by 20-30%.  He said he won’t do it and if the girl is with others, he tells her friends what’s going on.  The bartender listed things women can do to be safer.  One of them was for a woman  to order her own drink and not let a guy get it for her.

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10 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. So pathetic. Makes me embarrassed to be a man. Good for that bartender. I’d call them out on that bullshit too. Bet these asshats would be pissed if someone pulled that shit on their daughter. 😡

  2. Jim Borden says:

    thanks for the advice at theend – worth sharing

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