Judy and Danny…12

“How are the party plans coming along?” asked Abby.

Judy, whose mouth was full of bread and jam, nodded encouragingly and made grunting noises, while flapping her free hand.

“Oh, good,” said Abby.  “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.”

Judy nodded and smiled at her Knight, when he walked into the room.  She held up her bread and he took a bite, then he kissed her and got jam all over her face.  She ran her finger through the jam and licked it.  He laughed.  Then she wiped some across his lips and licked it off.

“Ah, to be in love,” sighed, Abby, fanning herself with her dishtowel.

Judy and her Knight turned as one and said, “WHAT?”

Abby put down her towel and said, “Surely you know you’re in love, don’t you?”

Danny was laughing and rolling around under the table, his paws in the air. The fox, warming himself by the fireplace, snickered softly, without opening his eyes.

“We,” said Judy, looking at her Knight.

“Are we?” he asked her.

“I suppose it’s possible,” Judy said, ripping the top crust off an entire loaf of bread, then rolling it into a long strip, so she could eat it like a pretzel.

“Miss,” said Joseph, tapping on the back door of the kitchen.  “There are ten rhinos in the field.”

“They doubled over night?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Judy smiled.  “I have the perfect plan.”  She looked at Joseph and told him to get everyone to the meeting in the Great Hall in ten minutes.  Once Joseph left she asked Abby how many loaves of bread were left.”

“You ate two this morning. And now this one is torn in half, so actually three and a half loaves are left but more are in the oven.”

The Knight choked back a laugh and Judy looked stunned.  “I ate two and a half loaves of bread by myself?” she asked.

“You did, Miss.”

“Wow.  I have GREAT will power, don’t you think?  I thought I ate WAY more than that.”

Abby and the Knight stared at her.

“It’s all about self control,” said Judy, gathering her paper and pen, “and I guess I have it.  Come on, we have a meeting to attend.”

Everyone was siting around the table with hot mugs of coffee, tea or chocolate. The stable workers, the kitchen crew, the cleaning people, the groundskeepers, well, EVERYONE was there.  Judy stood up and said, “I have the answer to all of our problems.  THIS is what we’re going to do.”

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