Today is: National Left Hander Day

Letter Of Application, Application

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13 Responses to Today is: National Left Hander Day

  1. oldmainer says:

    Yaaaay!! It’s nice to be recognized for something.

  2. I’ll have to let my southpaw son know this. He’ll expect pampering today though. 😏

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  4. I’m not a lefty, but have a close friend who is, and the only memorable thing about that is having lunch together and she seats us in a way that she is not jabbing me with her elbow!

    • Oh YES, we have a lot of lefty people in the family and they all do that. LOL My granddaughter and I were drawing together and had to change places because she’s a lefty and neither one of us coudl see what we were doing because our arms blocked the light. So we changed paces and everything was fine. LOL

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