Okay, so…

Here’s my question:  Why is the catholic church so interested in and concerned about sex?  Not only their own sexual preferences, but everyone else’s too?  Is there a book of rules where they tell you why, and the reasons behind it all? I think it’s just one more way to control everything their sheep do, even in the privacy of their own rooms?  Fortunately, not many people pay attention to them any longer.

The catholic’s are all about SEX.  Who can have it, who can’t, who people can have it with and for what purpose.  They are obsessed with sex.  Are they pretending that their god said all that stuff about sex?  I mean they are rapists, so they must think that if sex is bad, they may as well make it really bad and rape kids, right?  What’s the point of not having sex, but raping innocent children?  Don’t the holy men think raping kids considered sex?  This is not a small thing.  There are rapist priests in every single church across the entire globe.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  That’s what the research says.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.

So, again, why are they so obsessed with sex?  A psychiatrist, interviewing rapist priests, said they had the sexual mentality of twelve year olds.

Their normal adult development being suppressed by the catholic church, seems to have made them underdeveloped and dangerous.  Not having sex didn’t make them more holy, or allow them spend their time thinking about their god, it actually made them unholy rapists of children.  See how that works?

Okay, so, knowing this, the church still won’t let the priests have sex openly.  I mean they have it all the time, they just lie about having it.  Anyway, for the church it’s always better to lie, they do it all the time, even if kids suffer, or even kill themselves because of it.  That’s better than just letting the guys be normal.  People still go to church, which amazes me.  What does that say about the sheep?  1984 is what it says about the sheep.

Anyway, almost every living thing has sex.  Not seahorses, or a few other things, but you know what I mean.  The catholic church despises women, that’s one reason sex is out of the question and that’s why Mary didn’t have it…in their own twisted undeveloped minds.  Also, sex can be fun, so there’s another count against it.  Still, even not having a wife/partner, or sex, the priests feel qualified to give counseling to people, about things they know absolutely NOTHING about.  If you ask them about raping children, however, you’ll be talking to experts.  I’m surprised when people don’t like to hear things like that, because it’s the truth.  I’m not making these things up.  You can do the research and see for yourself.  But it makes people uncomfortable and they get angry.  I would think it would be the opposite and they would be happy to know the truth so they could GET OUT OF THERE.  But they don’t want to admit the truth and there in lies the rub.

If I came up to you and said, “Look, there’s this great religion I want to tell you about.  Men in costumes make all the decisions.  Women are not allowed a voice or any power.  The men lie constantly and rape innocent children.  You will be expected to pay them money and follow, or obey, all of their rules.  They will want you to sign over your children to the church and confess your sins in whatever way they like.  They will not confess to you, of course, because they do terrible things and lie.  They are sexual and socially undeveloped but will be glad to give you counseling if you just make an appointment, even though they know nothing at all.  You will never see their money, their gold, libraries, or anything else the hoard and steal and they will never tell you the truth about anything.  You will be asked to kneel, bow, and do any number of cult like things and pray to an invisible being they claim to know everything about.  They will want to control you’re entire life, including sex, and their past is chuck full of people they have murdered, wars they have started, and children they have destroyed.  Are you interested in becoming a member?”  What would you say?

Hey, I’m just sayin’.  I’ve been around catholics my entire life.  I just look at them and wonder.  I’m half Italian.  Other than my mother, all my relatives were/are catholic. All my friends were catholic too.  I sat in pews waiting for them to come out of the box after they lied to the priests in confession and laughed about it, once we were outside.  That’s what they learned…to lie.  They did it well too, but then they would, since they learned from the best.

So, Me thinks they protests too much, or whatever that statement is suppose to say.  Actions speak louder than words.  They rape kids, lie about, hide it, use their flocks money to pay for lawyers, try to buy off poor families, so they wouldn’t rat them out, kind of like paying off jury members, and moved rapist priests from one parish to another…and they all knew about it.  So, according to their beliefs they should all go to hell, right?  Or do they just say they’re sorry, get a pass, and live in luxury, since most of them are above the law even if, as individuals, they have raped hundreds and hundreds of children.  I’ve seen where they put the rapist priests around here, and it’s beautiful.  Meanwhile the poor people try and pay for doctors to help mend the kids they destroyed?  The one’s who are still alive, I mean.

All because of SEX.  Sex is not a sin, it’s not abnormal.   The catholic church is both.  What they did to children is pretty much unforgivable, in the mind of any rational person.  Back to my original question:  WHY ARE THEY SO CONCERNED WITH SEX ?  What are they so afraid of?  Why do they make everything evil, or a sin, when, in fact, THEY are the one’s who are evil and “sinners?”

I think people should ask themselves those questions, because the people in the church certainly won’t answer you, if you ask them.  Now that I think about it, I wonder what those guys were doing in the confessionals, listening to what other people did.  I was too young to think about those things then, but why did their parents let their kids go there Right?  Gross.  But wait, even in the light of current events, parents STILL let their kids go to them.  Isn’t there something WRONG with that?  Maybe it’s just me.  A guy killed a karate teacher for touching his kid and got of scot free.  A bunch of moronic priests rape thousands upon thousands of kids and…oh yeah, nothing happens.  Well, one of them was murdered.  Amazingly enough, he was sent to prison and one of the Lifers, who had been molested as a child, killed him.

Sex is part of becoming an adult, if you decide you want to have it.  Nothing the church does can stop the MEN and nuns from having sex.  Nothing.  But they refuse to make it okay, so maybe they’ll leave kids alone and have sex with willing adults.  Is that insane, or what?

The catholic church has ruined so many lives.

Here’s the thing about the catholic church…they want to be your mind.  They want to make your decisions FOR you.  They tell you the books they DON’T want you to read.  Parents I know, told their children they could NOT read the Harry Potter books because the church said they shouldn’t.  The parents did not read the books to see why their children should not read them.  They let the men who run the racket tell them what THEIR OWN children could read, or not read.

Fortunately, all three of their kids read all the books and ignored not only their parents, but the church who tried to control what they read.  That is a hopeful sign.  When you give your mind to others, what does that say about you?  Even their own kids knew that their parents and the church were wrong, and they refused to give up their OWN choices for someone else’s.  When ANYONE or ANY ORGANIZATION wants to do your thinking for YOU…you know you are in the WRONG PLACE.   Apparently he church (that believes in an INVISIBLE PERSON),  was afraid of magic, witches, wizards, and the power the children had in the books.  The kids thought for themselves (definitely against the church rules) and accomplished what they set out to do OVER the adults.  That is TERRIFYING to a church who wants to control everything a person thinks and does.  So, the way kids look at their own parents, who follow someone else’s rules, changes how they see them.  When I told the parents about the wonderful writing, the fabulous story and asked why they wouldn’t let their kids read the books, they looked at me and said, “Well, they did, anyway.”  YAY!  The parents still wouldn’t read the books because they were told not to.  They gave away any small bit of freedom they ever had, to an organization that allowed the raping of children.  Apparently, they didn’t think that was bad but Harry Potter was.  See what I mean.    That’s brainwashing at its best.  Really, at its very best.

This is why there must be a division between church and state.  At all costs.

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15 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. One of many reasons I’m a non-practicing non-denominational. Raised a Catholic, and attending Catholic schools from 2nd grade through high school graduation, I’d had enough. Outside of weddings, funerals, and the baptisms of my boys (in an Episcopal Church, performed by a female…and lesbian….who quoted Johnny Cash in her “sermon” during the service), I haven’t set foot in anything sponsored by an organized religion, and never will. Organized religion is not to be trusted.

    • I’m so happy for your wife and kids, that they have you…especially as a role model for your fabulous sons. Really, I’m serious about that…you make me happy for them. Organized religion is not to be trusted. Thank you for that. You said all of that perfectly.

  2. yes but gigi …a woman/girl impregnated and then abandoned has consequences….regardless of any religious point of view…

  3. Resa says:

    I lied in confession. I got 5 Hail Mary’s.
    I knew the RC church was bogus at that point.
    I chewed the host at my first communion.
    I had to sit at the very back of the church because my mom was a divorcee.
    What a crock of $hi$.

    • Seriously? You had to sit in the back. How insane is that? Guess they had to punish you for that. Everyone I know lied in confession. Hahahaha. Why wouldn’t they? The girls I knew who went to catholic high school were worse than ANY of us. OMG they were unbelievable. Talk about rebelling. They were a LOT of fun.

      • Resa says:

        Yeah…. and I had to wear a white and powder blue seer-sucker suit. All the other little girls were in white, bouffant skirt & above the knee mini wedding gownettes.
        My mom was a sinner. Therefore, I was a sinner.
        I came in NUMBER 1 in my religious studies.
        I need an email to rant about that.

  4. Rant away. How incredibly cruel they were/are. To target children, who are supposedly LAMBS of god, that way. But why did your mother keep going. Why do people keep supporting cruelty and all the terrible things they do? Brainwashing.

  5. Resa says:

    A religious person’s son is murdered. The family is in pain and tears. Somehow, through their tears, they forgive the murderer, because god and the bible say to do so.
    Yet, a woman who has an abortion, should be given the death penalty, and it’s okay to gun down a doctor who performs an abortion.

    • You said that perfectly. Thank you and men murder women all the time and get out in short periods of time, if they go to jail at all and when a women kills a man who has been beating her, threatening her entire extended family, she gets life with no parol.

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