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Time is short and we never know how much of it we have left, which is why we shouldn’t put things off.  Waiting, is simply spending the time you have doing other things until you feel you can do whatever it is that you want.

It’s funny how we simply take today and tomorrow for granted.  We act as if they are givens, when they are not.  Our brains just block out the fact that nothing is certain and anything can happen.  The other day I saw a car accident and thought…I’m sure the people involved never though their day would turn out like that.  Who knows how badly anyone was injured, and whether it would change their lives forever.

It can’t be any other way, of course.  We can’t think about everything that could possibly happen, or we wouldn’t be able to function. Part of being alive is taking risks and just pushing things as far as we can.  It’s fun.  We don’t think about what could happen, we just live.  But, sometimes things only come around once and if you wait, you never get the same chance again.  Sometimes there isn’t a better time to do something.

I’ve always done what I wanted to do because even as a kid I knew I could die and then I wouldn’t have done what ever it was I wanted to do.  I do what I want to do right away and I’ve never once been sorry.  Living that way isn’t for everyone, of course, some people like to have five year plans and wait until they think they’ll have more money, or a better job, or be with a different person.  But all of those things may never happen and then they have simply spent their lives waiting.

Waiting is a crazy thing.  People wait for love, for the right time, for the right everything, as if time will bring what they want to them.  I don’t think life works that way.  I think life is NOW, in your face and saying, “Look, you crazy person, I’m offering this to you NOW, if you say no, you’ll never see it again.”

Second chances are rare, if you ask me.  Besides, I don’t like waiting.  I wait as little as possible.  Waiting is strange.   Some of the things people wait for don’t even exist and many things are ethereal or smoke dreams.   Meanwhile,  while they are waiting, life is moving on and leaving them standing in line.  I’m more of a do it right this second kind of person.  I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing, it’s just the way some people are.  I never count on second chances, or a future.  If I want to do something, I do it.  That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.  I have no regrets because I never didn’t do what I wanted to do, so how could regret anything, even if it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to?

You know what it’s like…it’s like people who see something they want but don’t allow themselves to have it.  Then they go home and think about whatever it was.  The argue with themselves about getting it, or just forgetting about it, and finally…they decide they have to have it.  So, they go back to the shop, only to find the thing they wanted is already gone.  Now the person really wants it.  He’s disappointed.   He might not forget about that thing for the rest of his life but remember it, and even tell others about it. That’s regret for not acting when the moment appeared.

That’s what life is like.  It’s all there, right in front of us, ours for the taking.  But it changes and if you don’t get what you want right away, it can be lost forever.  And sure, sometimes we all jump at things and find out that whatever it is, was not the right thing, But that’s what risk and chances are all about.  Will mistakes be made?  I don’t see how they can’t be but that’s better than waiting and never getting what you want.

Kids are like that too and parents make decisions for them, when they should let kids make decisions for themselves, even if adults can see how things will turn out.  That’s the only way to learn.  Let kids decide little things.  When what they decide doesn’t turn out the way they expected, parents can make them realize that not everything does turn out the way we expect it to, but that’s okay.  We just have to keep trying.  If they don’t get that kind of information, they can grow into adults who are afraid to make choices for fear of being wrong.

We make life harder than it has to be.  Mistakes are not failures.  There are no failures, just things that turned out differently than we expected.   Life often turns out differently than we expected on a daily basis.  So what.  If you don’t get what you want now, you may never get what you want.  This particular life isn’t forever…have fun now, while you can, so you never have to look back and say, “Why didn’t I do that when I had the chance?  What was I waiting for?”


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