Today is: National Love is kind Day

Cow, Calf, Pasture, Cattle, Nature, Cute
people talk about love and kindness
they set aside special days to celebrate
love and kindness
they write stories
and poetry
about love and kindness
they take photographs
of love and kindness
they tell others to be
loving and kind
but then they put on their
leather shoes
get into their cars with leather seats
and go out to dinner
where they sit down
to a meal
made of dead animals
who never hand a chance to live
and care for their young

so it seems to me
that people should
explain what they mean
when they talk about
love and kindness
they can’t mean
love and kindness for all
not when they look away
as the animals they devour
are tortured and scream with fear
as they are gutted and hung to bleed out
so that they can have a steak
or eat the dead flesh off of another being’s ribs
or the eat the wings of a debeaked and tortured bird

Hey, I’m just sayin’
that people who talk
about love and kindness
but hunt or eat animals
must not believe
that love and kindness
extends to all living beings
but just the ones
who are important to them personally
so love and kindness only goes so far
when it’s convenient
and if you just look around
you can see that the world
isn’t loving and kind
its’s vicious
and deadly
because that’s
the way we choose
to make it



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2 Responses to Today is: National Love is kind Day

  1. Resa says:

    Best thing I ever did for myself, was become a vegetarian at 17 yrs. of age.

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