Art and the philosophy of life


“Hi.  I’m pretty new.  One day I’ll be big like my mother and father, but I’m little now.  When you’re little you need to be taken care of by those who love you.  Those you can trust to protect you, not harm you.  My mother said we are going to run away, as soon as I’m strong enough, because she doesn’t want things punched through my ears, and she doesn’t want me thrown to the ground and my wool stolen.  She said people eat us too. I don’t understand why humans are so terrible but I told my mother I would grow as fast as I could, so we can leave as soon as possible.  My father is going to run away with us and maybe my cousin.  I’m afraid all the time.  Worried that someone will take me when my parents aren’t next to me.  I don’t think children should have to worry about being taken and tortured, or eaten.  Life shouldn’t be so brutal.  Anyway, I can’t wait to leave.  I’m eating more, so that I’ll get stronger everyday.   But I’m still afraid someone will hurt, or kill me.  What are lamb chops?”

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  1. awe! we loved this!

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