Think about it…

We can only imagine what it was like when these buildings were built.  The kind of lives people lived, how the temples/building were used.  Everything we know is based on what people who had nothing at all to do with that time period…think.  We believe we know what everything we find means, but we don’t.

Imagine what future beings will think when they dig our stuff up, if there’s anything left to dig up.  They will be able to imagine anything they like, just as we do.  Then they’ll call what they make up, facts, and those lies, or misrepresentations, will just pile up, until people think things couldn’t have been any other way.  But the TRUTH is, we don’t actually know anything.  We carbon date, we do our little tricks, but what truly happened is lost in time.  And it always will be.  We might know names and dates. We might be able to piece together potter shards and dig up the remains of the dead, but knowing how people felt and what it was like to live during that time is impossible to know.

Books are written as if what they say are facts, when in reality, they are simply our best guesses, or just  plain old lies.  The date on a piece of clay just tells us the date, not what the person using it was like, or living through.

We, of course, are leaving so much information behind, that if it survives, there will be a million ideas, as to what we were like.  But none of that will tell future beings what we felt, or what it was like to be here now.

All of our assumptions are based on what we actually KNOW in today’s world.  Everything we do is filtered through NOW.  We can’t not think about television, cell phones, antibiotics, airplanes, bionics, cars, and all the rest.  We can know those things didn’t exist at one time, but we don’t know what it was like to live when they didn’t.  And that’s the whole point.  Like everything else, things are hidden from us.  Living is a shadow game.  Nothing actually exists but this very moment.  There is no past, no future.  There is literally nothing at all, that exists outside this moment.  Once something is gone, even if we can bring it back, it will never be the same.  It can’t be.  Nothing is ever the same.  Absolutely nothing.  Each moment is unique and cannot be duplicated.  I don’t think it can truly be understood either.  Each living thing would have a different definition of the same thing.  Our definitions and experiences, our opinions and our vision, are the pottery shards of the moment, glued together to make a NOW.

What other civilizations left behind, is NOT all there was.  It’s just what we have found.  We have no idea what was lost…what we will never know about.   Our information is incomplete and it always will be.  Each generation that leaves, takes it’s reality and secrets with it.  Books, journals, papers, leave information, but it’s personal and biased.  History is made of lies.  That’s why it changes.  Pluto was a planet, then it wasn’t, now it is.  Dinosaurs had feathers.  They didn’t before.  Not when children were TAUGHT about them being featherless.  We have to stop pretending that we know what we’re doing.  We teach lies, believe lies and therefore, live lies.  That’s what sexism, racism and all the ugly things are about…the LIES WE HAVE ALL BEEN TAUGHT were truths.


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2 Responses to Think about it…

  1. Imani-Amour says:

    Preach! More people need to think like this.

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