My wee one…who is actually no long wee…

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12 Responses to My wee one…who is actually no long wee…

  1. librepaley says:

    Still call mine ‘my babies’!

  2. I assume you always see them as they were when wee? Mine are nearly tall as I, but I still picture them as toddlers in my mind. 😃

    • Definitely. It never really changes. You can see them as adults a lot of the time but then you see them as little kids again. I don’t know why, exactly, but you can still read their faces and emotions. LOLOLOL Even if they won’t admit it.

      • Hahaha! They likely never will admit it. 😏

      • She grits her teeth now and then. LOLOL I mean really, I’ve seen her face since the moment she was born, how’s she going to hide from me. LOLOLOL So funny. That whole modeling thing is a joke. She was trying on clothes, looking for a jacket, and the woman who made the clothes asked if she would model. She never thought anything would happen and we are soooooooo not like that, so it was pretty hysterical and we had a lot of fun. Hahahaha I don’t know how people do that kind of thing and not feel like an idiot. Our humidity is lower so we can breath and the temps are lower too so it’s beautiful here. Hope it’s nice by you as well.

      • That’s funny. I couldn’t do it either. I don’t even really like taking staged photos, much less doing the modeling.

        Glad to hear you’re having great weather…finally. It was hot as hell the past two weeks while we were on vacation. It’s been beautiful here at home this week though. Nice thunderstorm overnight last night, 80 and sunny today. Perfect. 😊

      • I agree about photos. We had that heat as well it was 104+ and MUGGY. Now it’s beautiful outside. We had over 6 inches from that storm. It was unreal. Rained in sheets, just poured. Some nice thunder though. Glad you got to go on vacation. Hope you had a great time. 🙂

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