Love…a poem

and if we never meet again
in another life
or among the stars
I want you to know
that I will love you still
castles may crumble
and the universe
may go dark
but my love will
be there
for one more
to be

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10 Responses to Love…a poem

  1. moving beautiful poem.
    hug for you. ❤

    • Thank you so much. It’s been 8 years next week that my husband died of leukemia and it’s still hard to believe he’s gone. Next month it’s 20 years since our son died of the same thing.

      • i do not know what to say, apart from: you are such a strong woman. ❤ all the best.

      • You know, it’s really all about doing what you have to do. Many years ago I saw a mob boss get released from prison, on the news.
        A reporter asked his wife if they were going to have a party and celebrate his release. She kept walking but said, “We lost a child, there are no celebrations in this house.” And I thought, how that would be for their other children and for those around them. I was horrified that she would do that to others. When we were leaving the hospital, right after our son died, I said to my daughter, “This is horrific, but I promise that I won’t let it change our lives.” I learned that from the woman on tv. Losing a child can destroy lives and break up marriages. You just can’t let it. My husband never got over it, not really but we still had fun, eventually and lived as normally as possible. My daughter knew a woman who lost her daughter. She couldn’t get over it. She wore her daughter’s picture around her neck and went to the cemetery everyday, until her other child said, “Do you know that I’m still alive?” I learned a lot from those women. I learned what not to do. So, when it happened to me, I remembered those women. My daughter thanks me all the time and she tells other people about it too. It’s such a terrible thing, to lose your child, no matter his age, that it’s almost impossible to believe. Everyone was falling apart. I could see them crashing. I just did what I had to do, really, that’s all. It’s terrifying to see people around you unable to cope. They don’t even look like themselves. So when he died, I went from that crisis to seeing the rest of my family, lose it. And I knew what they felt and how helpless and hopeless things seemed. Nothing looks the same, or feels the same. It’s like you’re looking at a different world, one without that person in it. You can’t hear properly, you’re senses shut down, everything shuts down. It’s hard to think, even impossible. You can’t think of a reason to be here, or even get up. But someone has to. Someone just has to. Like I said…you just do what needs to be done because believe me, the alternative is to terrible to imagine.

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