The Librarian…28

“This pizza’s great,” said Zeek.

“Uno’s,” said Dusa.

“What’s that noise?” asked the detective, taking another slice.

Everyone listened to the droning.

“If you’re all wondering what that noise is,” said Gabe, slamming through the doors, “It’s Zeek’s followers.  Some of them are standing outside, humming his praises.  It’s enough to make me wish I could die.”

“I can help make your wish come true,” said the Librarian, happily.

“They love me,” chuckled Zeek, grabbing the pizza off Dusa’s plate.

She slapped him, took her pizza back, bit into it, and stuck out her tongue.

He chuckled. “Can’t blame me for trying,” he said, bumping his shoulder against hers.

Gabe fell into a chair, grabbed a piece of crust, since that was all that was left, and said, “This new religion has already spread across the globe.  All the half and halfs believe they’re special and the magic they hear, is a gift from Zeek.  Looks like our problems are pretty much over.”

“It won’t be solved until you stop having more offspring,” said the Librarian.

“There’s no way to stop it,” he said.

“I can be very creative,” said the Librarian, staring at him.

Gate turned his attention to Zeek.  “Where do you want me to keep your followers?”

“Send them home.”

Gabe nodded, got up, bowed to the Librarian and left.

“Dusa,” said Zeek, merrily, “let’s go dancing.”

“It’s noon,” she said, wiping off her mouth with a napkin.

“Who cares what time it is,” he laughed. “There’s always a party going on somewhere.  Come on,” he said, grabbing her hand.  “Come dance with a new god.”

“Go,” said the Librarian.  “Have fun.”

“Can we go too?” asked Wilson.

“Sure, why not,” she said.  “I’d lay low for awhile, if I were you.  And check in with me every morning for a few days.   If you don’t, I’ll find you, and you won’t like me when I do.”

“Right,” said the brothers, pushing their chairs under the table. “Every morning.”

“I’m tired,” said Mr. Waters.  “I’m going to take a nap in the stacks.  We can keep the library closed until tomorrow.  Assuming nothing horrific happens in the meantime.”

“Sweet dreams,” said the Librarian.

“I’m going out to play,” said Buttercup.  “If you don’t need me, that is.”

“No, Buttercup, thank you.  I call if anything comes up.”

“Alone again,” said the detective, once everyone was gone.  “Is it true that you can’t die?”


“How is that possible?” he asked.  “And why is everyone afraid of you?

“Everyone isn’t afraid of me.”

“You mean Dusa?”

The Librarian put her feet up on the table.  “What do you need to close the case on all the dead guys?”

“Their next of kin have been notified.  Funerals will take place, or memorial Services.  We’ll tell everyone we’re looking into their deaths.  If there were only one or two, we could just say they were robberies gone wrong, but there’s too many of them for that.  What do you think about dinner sometime?”

“Are we interrupting anything?” asked Nancy.

“No,” said the Librarian.  “Come in.”

Nancy and Marcy put their tire irons on the table and sat down.  “The movie Ann made went viral,” said Marcy.  “Parents are horrified and pulling their kids out of school.  A lot of the guys who have been named, are going into hiding.  They are being threatened by pretty much everyone.  Some law suits against the school and against the men, are also going to be filed.  The Dean said we couldn’t carry tire irons around all the time and we told him to show us a law that said we can’t.  There is no law against it, so he can’t stop us.  I think we’re okay on all fronts.  And Ann’s cat, Snowball, had kittens, so if you want one, let her know.”

“You’re amazing,” said the Librarian. “I’ll take two kittens for the library, if that’s okay with Ann.  What about the curfew for men?”

“Starts immediately.  Men have to be in their dorms, or housing, by nine, during the week, and ten, on weekends.  And no alcohol.  Fraternities will be monitored.  This is spreading to campuses everywhere.  Parents are already demanding it.  They’re paying a fortune for tuition, some are going into life long debt, and their daughters are in constant danger.  The video made them see that.”

“What you’ve done, in such a very short time, I might add, is truly amazing,” said the Librarian.

“There’s going to be a party in the gym on Saturday night.  You’re the guest of honor, so be there at eight,” said Nancy.  “Oh, and male sports teams are decimated, so now women’s teams will be getting more funding.”

“Finally,” said the Librarian.

“So, see you Saturday, at eight,” said Marcy, getting up to go.

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything,”

The two women left and the detective said,  “Before more people stop in, I have something to ask you.”


“You said the Aces were so good that the women they were with, would never forget them.”


“Does that include you?”

The Librarian, leaned toward him and said, “Oh, detective.  I’m soooo much better than they are.”


Tomorrow…last chapter


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