The Librarian…23

James Waters was standing in front of the library doors, swinging a broom at the men trying to get inside.  He was tiring fast. He was short, overweight, and out of shape. “Drat,” he wheezed, “I should’t have eaten that third donut at lunch.”  He kept thinking that fighting in a zombi apocalypse wasn’t part of his job description.  And, where was that damned Librarian when he needed her.

A group of women, all brandishing tire irons, came around the corner and started breaking knees.  They were strong, well practiced, and fast.  Sometimes they had to break both knees on a man, otherwise he kept crawling.

The Librarian, Dusa, and the detective got out of their car and stood, for a moment, watching the melee.  Then the Librarian, muttered something and snapped her fingers.  Time stopped, except for James Water, who said, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!  WE’RE BEING ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES!,” after which he fell to the ground and stared at the sky.  “Zombies at the library. What is this world coming to?” he whispered, just before he passed out.

“They aren’t zombies they’re half and half’s,” she said to the detective.  “They know the books were here.”

Were here?” he asked.

“Yes.  Most of them are gone.  Hidden.”

The gargoyles were circling the tower and making a strange noise.

She snapped her fingers twice and the women once again, stared beating the men.  The Librarian whistled and they and looked at her, then began stepping over the bodies to gather in front of her.

“I’m so incredibly proud of you,” she said, her words catching in her throat.  “You look exactly like the warriors I hoped you’d become.  These men are sick,” she said.  “Actually, that’s not true, here’s what’s going on.”  She gave them the short version, which didn’t even make them flinch.

“Do you want us to kill them, or get them to a hospital?” asked one of the woman.

“I’ll take care of them,” said the Librarian, walking among the women.  “Look at yourselves.  No fear, no hesitation.  Warriors, each and everyone.  I think you’re beautiful,” she said.

Shouts followed her words, tire irons held high above their heads.

“Thank you for defending the library.  Thank you for choosing to fight.  Thank you for being brave.  THAN YOU.”

They started chanting, “LIBRARIAN, LIBRARIAN, LIBRARIAN.

Dusa leaned into the detective and whispered, “The absolutely love her.  She gave them the freedom to recognize and take back their own power.”

The Librarian waved them to silence and said, “You have to go before the police arrive.  Know that you have my gratitude and I’ll see you soon.  GO, GO, GO.”

The crowd dispersed and Mr. Waters sat up.  “Zombies.”

“They aren’t zombies, Jim.  They’re half and half’s,” said the Librarian.  “Zombies are dead, these guys are alive. Now give me a second.”

The Librarian, took a tiny bag of sea salt, that had been spelled by two Shaman,  out of the pocket of her pants.  She closed her eyes, started chanting, and when she was finished, she threw the salt into the air and the bodies disappeared.  Electrical current, spilled out of her fingers, in the form of blue light, and she clapped them together three times, then looked around and smiled.

“Where’d ya send them?” asked Dusa.

“To Gabriel, where else?”

Dust started laughing.

Jim stood up.  “Where did they go?””

“You did a good job, Jim.  Thank you,” said the Librarian.

“What kind of birds are those?” he asked, looking up.

“Big ones,” said the detective, staring at the gargoyles.

Once inside, they all sat down around a library table.

“I don’t know, they just started, trying to get inside,” said Jim.  “I told them to go away, because they looked like zombies, but they started pushing and shoving, so I hit them with the boom I keep behind the door.  I didn’t want them around the books.  I mean zombies are messy, aren’t they?  Then your group of women came and started fighting them.  They’re really good, by the way,” he said, nodding at the Librarian.  They didn’t even think twice.  The tall blond, started shouting orders and they just went to work hitting them with their tire irons.”

“Did any of the men get in?” asked Dusa.

“Not that I know of.  At least not through the front doors. And the cats would have kept your special books safe,” he said.

“Cats?” asked the detective.

“We always have cats.  They discourage certain others from nibbling on the pages.”



The men landed with a loud thud in the very large room where the Aces were working.  “What the…” said Gabriel.  The fallen men were wailing and holding out their arms, suddenly able to hear magic all around them.

“This isn’t good,” said John.  “This isn’t good at all.”



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13 Responses to The Librarian…23

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Awesome story I really am liking this!

  2. Yes, indeed! So much to love in this!

  3. I absolutely love this ongoing tale, keep it coming!

  4. Resa says:

    LOL – brarian!
    Where’s it going now?

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