So, the art exhibits at the Chicago Cultural Center (Old Public Library) were called NATIONAL VETERANS ART MUSEUM TRIENNIAL: ON WAR & SURVIVAL

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16 Responses to So, the art exhibits at the Chicago Cultural Center (Old Public Library) were called NATIONAL VETERANS ART MUSEUM TRIENNIAL: ON WAR & SURVIVAL

  1. Resa says:

    When will it ever end?
    You know, it gives me a deeper idea for the Chicklets/Art Gowns post. I have to write you anyway, because I need names for all of the be-gowned Chicklets.
    Rene Rosso will be singing. It will be at an Uptown nite club. Now, I think it should also be a charity event to raise $$ for victims of rape. Just a thought!

    • I love the idea of Rene, the nite club and the cost for those who have been raped. Definitely. Great ideas. I’m in.

      • Resa says:

        Yay! It’s kind of crazy that animals who have been rescued from slaughter, and rescue other animals, such as the Chicklets, will then try to help humans. ❤

    • Excellent idea Resa! Women are treated like Chattel. Sick and tired and mad!

      • Is the a sign on our backs saying abuse is. Hell no!

      • Being a woman is sign enough. We are prey. They hunt us. They DON’T CARE. Imagine going to war and being treated worse by the guys who are supposed to have your back than you are by the bullets.

      • Shameful and no one does anything to put a stop
        To it.

      • No one who is at the top wants to give up what they have. Some don’t even see it…it’s part of what they get. Male privilege, white privilege, etc. Men EXPECT to do what they want. It’s a given. They don’t have to do anything to be on top, to hurt women, animals, each other. The laws and everything else are there for them. It’s only recently that there were any women lawyers. Men write the laws, interpret them and enforce them. They can DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO US. There is nothing to protect us from them. even medicine, as I’ve said before, is made for men and that’s why so many women die. Now they are realizing that our symptoms are different than those of men, etc. Treatments have to be different. Men walk away from their children and never pay child support. They don’t care about them either. So, working in the women’s movement for a million years taught me that talking to them doesn’t matter because one…they like their power…two…they don’t want to hear it, or be bothered with trivial things like women’s rights, and lastly they don’t care at all. I’ve aid this before, but my professor once said that, “men can love individual women, but they hate women as a group.” I believe he’s right. Look at the horrific things they do to women and even their own children. There’s no reason for them to change, or want to change. They can do whatever they like. Women are paid less and forced to be dependent on men, which is the way they have set things up but another reason to hate us. If we made enough many women would never get married or NEED a man. It’s forced, just like leaving underpaid with children, while he gets to walk away. Everything in patriarchal culture is set up for them and set up AGAINST us. Our sons have more power than we do. Men protect women from other men because we are theirs. Some me respect the right of other men and don’t bother those women who are with them. But t always pays to be the biggest and strongest because some men, if they see weakness, will take what they want if they think they can win. It’s horrifying and disgusting. The fact is that women live every moment of their lives in a war zone and sometimes the worst enemy is in their house, or the person who they are supposed to trust in war. How is it possible that those men, are more of a danger than anything else? That instead of fighting with the women in their unit they rape and brutalize them? The violence against women, when actually looked at, is so blatant and all encompassing that it’s impossible to imagine.

      • The recent re arrest of Epstein here in Miami on sex trafficking is a good example to substantiate what you say Gigi., not that it’s not clear to everyone! Ten years ago instead of being strung up by …for forcing girls as young as 23 and 14 in to sex trade to make him and others rich he received a pass by the prosecutor, now secretary of Labor and good pal of Trump. He left the country but a woman reporter for the Miami Herald still following him assisted the FBI in nabbing him again when he flew back in a couple of days ago in his own plain. They broke into his house and found child pornography etc. this president is praising the lawyer that cut him a sweet heart deal years ago (6 months in jail) but 6 of this weekly days were spent outside prison)…saying he feels bad for him , that he’s been a good secretary of labor he seems to be siding with this pedophile .It’s like everything else, if we don’t take to the streets, stop buying products made by these companies that promote the good old boys women and minorities will never break away and women will never take their right as the majority to make laws that protect us but remain second class citizens, though we are mothers, caretakers , bread winners, the very foundation of our country. Sick of it!

      • Resa says:

        We will do an excellent post on Art Gowns, It will come in from as many creative, intellectual and humane points, as possible.

  2. Animals are far nicer and kinder than we are. Sometimes I think everything is.

    • Resa says:

      I agree, and can argue the animals’ point, ’til blue.
      Everything? …. I’m thinking of a rock.
      Rock slides, you trip on a rock, someone hits you with a rock, a rock path across a creek, a rock exposes a geode’s rich, sparkly secret, Pet Rock, Rock’nRoll”.
      Okay…over the rocks! 🧐🤔🙃

      • LOLOLOLOL LOTS of rocks. We can definitely argue the animals’ point. Too many people just don’t care and those people pass that on to their kids’ so they don’t care either.

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