Okay, so…

Why do some people feel that sticking with something they don’t like, is a good thing?  Finishing a book they don’t like, working on something they have no real interest in, or actually hate, doing ANYTHING that doesn’t make them happy, or feel good?  Who came up with the crazy idea that those things build character, or make people stronger?

There’s so much in life that can make people happy, why would they spend my time on things that didn’t?  I think that belief is the same as, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and all the other lies, we tell ourselves.  If anything is possible, grow two inches, fly, or make a million dollars tomorrow, or even the next day.  Get someone who doesn’t love you…to love you, see how many books people finish if all they read are books they don’t like, then make them like them.  Yeah, not gonna happen.  Anything is NOT possible.

Why don’t people allow themselves to be happy and have fun?  No one needs to do anything, finish anything, that eats up part of their life but gives them nothing in return.  Seems like a big waste to me.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.  There are no ‘DID YOU FINISH THAT BOOK,” police.  No one cares.  NO ONE.  It doesn’t make you stronger, or better, it eats up moments that you could be reading something that keeps you up at night because you love it so much.

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