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I want to…a poem

I want to write about happy things about beauty and freedom and joy I want to write about the pretend America the one that never existed but should have I want to write about equality and peaceful things I want … Continue reading

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the government cannot make money off of peace or equality that’s why we don’t have those things there’s no money in happiness either there’s money in war and hatred there’s money in drugs guns violence ignorance hunger slavery and greed … Continue reading

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Wow! From: Astronomy Picture of the Day

M83: The Thousand Ruby Galaxy

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The Librarian…13

“How can you allow these things to continue?” asked Dusa, once the meeting was over.  “The stories those women told, the violence, the things they have been forced to endure, the fear and hatred.  I don’t understand, Librarian.  It’s as … Continue reading

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We have to work together to keep life safe…

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When it’s too late…

when it’s too late it’s too late I don’t think people understand what that means if the bees are gone we starve we can’t magically bring them back overnight we can’t bring back polar bears clean oceans or those who … Continue reading

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This is a spokesbird for eagles…they took a vote and don’t want to represent America any longer…they said they’re ashamed to be associated with a country that’s out of control, suicidal and cruel , so they quit.

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