Art and the philosophy of life

Rosa’s latest gown. Enjoy.

Art Gowns

Did you ever feel like you were sculpting an Art Gown?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt building Queen Isabella.

Dedicated to my sweet friend Isabella: I said to her and T, I want Isabella in the title, but with another word.

Without hesitation, T said “Queen”. Without hesitation, it made sense to me.

Isabella is creative, and supports all arts. She’s a wife, a mother and devoted to her family & friends. She throws dinner parties fit for the Art Gowns.

As Art Gowns must reuse, up-cycle or repurpose,  I challenged Isabella to donate something she’d been hanging onto for years, but didn’t use anymore.

She challenged me back, and gave me a very textured dress. The colour made me think of a purple peacock, if such a creature exists.

I dismantled it, and draped the texture on a different angle. The bodice texture demanded a skirt to surpass it…

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Comments on: "Queen Isabella" (31)

  1. her gowns are each so stunning and unique

  2. Resa is an exquisite artist and wonderful person.

  3. Wow! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Beautiful colors 🙂

  5. Fabulous! I love that she started with something so lush and feminine-bold and made it into a dress for queen.

    • She’s really good at knowing which gown to make for each woman. So talented.

    • Brenda! My fairy! Thank you so much, and I’ll be by to visit soon. xo

      • I need to visit you, too. I’ve already stayed up too late so I’m cutting myself off soon. But I miss my blogging. Working full-time is a real hindrance but my bank balance is much happier.

      • Ahh! Understood!
        We each know where the other is!
        When we have time, we will visit! You will always be my favourite fairy… my Janis Joplin Fairy!

      • I understand. It’s difficult when you’re creative and want to be writing and taking photographs. When you want to have tea with the fairies in the garden, instead of driving to work. We miss you. Just try and use any extra minutes you might have. ANY minutes. You do need sleep. Unfortunately, we all do. LOL Imagine what we could do if we didn’t have to sleep. Some people seem to sleep more than they’re awake. I always think that when I’m dead I can sleep. While Im here, I going to be awake and not miss anything. 🙂

      • I’m a meaner human if I don’t sleep. Plus, I love it. But I am here. And there. And here again. I haven’t given it up. Today, we’re cooking out, and maybe doing some gardening. I might be tired later, but right now, I’m going to row. 🙂

      • Sounds like a fun day. I think a lot of people get crabby when they’re tired. Working takes a lot of time and a lot out of people.

  6. Extraordinary piece of work.

  7. It’ been crazy, Gi!
    Anyway, thank you so much for the reblog, your wonderful followers and the fab comments. Mostly, I love you and all your support! ❤ ❤

  8. Ohhhh, another fantastic creation 😀 ❤

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