Vivian has moved on…

Early this morning, I went outside to see if Vivian was still around.  She’s gone.  I think she’s on her way to Paris to be a movie star.  Inchworms speak multiple languages and I’m assuming she’s fluent in French.  I wish her well and a safe journey.  I hope she makes it before she’s to old to play a young inchworm.  She could always play Tom Hanks mother, but I’m not sure that would be a box office hit.  Instead of BIG, the movie would have to be called LITTLE.

Perhaps she didn’t like it when I sang Inchworm to her, yesterday.  Hans Christian Anderson made inchworms famous, so I thought she’d sing along but she was rather intent on moving forward…slowly…very, very, slowly.


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6 Responses to Vivian has moved on…

  1. I hope she makes it while she still has her shapely figure…Vivien , hurry!

  2. Hahahah… you are too gorgeous to miss out on any parts. Trust me on that.

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