they called her
the Hermit
not because
of Tarot card she had
stuck to the fridge
but because
she liked being
alone so that she could
do whatever
she pleased
without having
to listen to others

it’s not that she didn’t
like people
it’s just that
they took time
away from the things
she wanted to do
things she thought
were much more
interesting and
when she went out
she smiled
hugged those
who were huggable
then happily went home
to her books
and the things
by their very existence
nourished her
far more than
any human could
and the cats
were always waiting for her
purring and surrounding
her with love
the Hermit
was what they called her
and a Hermit was what she was happy
to be

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2 Responses to Hermit…

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Awesome! A bit like me at times! xxx

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