How they met…

“What do you recommend?” she asked, looking at the menu on the wall behind the counter.

“The Impossible Veggie Burger with everything…and fries.”


“Really?” he said.

“Yes, really.  Why?”

“People always ask what they should get, but they never get what any of us tell them to get because they already know what they want when they come in.”

“I really wanted to know.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, smiling at him, grabbing a chocolate cookie.

“You won’t be sorry,” said the man behind her.  “That’s what I order and it’s delicious.”

“Good.  I’m hungry.”

“If you’re not meeting someone, please feel free to join me.”

“Thank you,” she said, holding up her book.

“Ah.  Then don’t let me disturb you.”

She paid for her food and found a table.

He sat nearby.

Their food came and she opened her book, he opened a journal and started writing and drawing.  He looked up and winked at her.

“Did you actually wink at me?” she laughed, watching him smile.

He crooked his finger, beaconing her to come over.

She shook her head and he pointed to himself, then to her table, and she laughed again.


He picked up his things and walked over.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, putting his food, journal and pen down.

“I wasn’t going to ask.”

“That would have made it a lot more difficult.”

“Made what more difficult?” she asked.

“Getting to know you.”

“Ah.  I see,” she snickered.  “And why do you want to get to know me?”

“The book you’re reading, for one thing.  They way you spoke to the kid behind the counter, for another, the way you look, well, that’s just a given, and you just seem interesting.  We can get married on the beach, if you like.  Barefoot and in jeans and white shirts.  Whatever you want.”

“Sounds nice,” she said.  “Will you tell me your name before then?”

“If you like.”

“Where would the beach be?”

“Hawaii is always nice.”

“I’m more inclined to go to Paris.”

“That’ll work.  We can promise to love and cherish under the Eiffel Tower.”

“They have good ice cream there.”

“You mean instead of cake?”

“In addition to cake.”

“We could get married on horseback,” he said.

“In Paris, or Hawaii?”

“Do you like horses?”

“I love them, but I don’t want to get married on a horse.”

“Why not?”

“Have you ever seen people square dance while riding horses?”

“I have not,” he said.

“I have.  No, on the horses.”

“Skydiving?” he asked.



“No.  Paris, the beach, or a justice of the peace in the city.”

“How many kids?” he asked.


“Great,” he said, happily.




“It depends.”

“I feel as if I’ve known you forever,” he said, leaning toward her.

“You should kiss me now,” she said.  “So we know whether we should keep going, or whether we’re wasting our time.”

“I told you,  you were interesting,” he whispered, pressing his lips against hers..



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