stream of consciousness…

I’m sitting at a tiny table in the bookstore cafe in front of a gigantic chocolate chip cookie I can hear the books chattering to each other since I’m sitting close to them and it’s hard to write because they keep calling me and it’s getting more difficult to stay in my seat because I want to touch them see their covers whisper words of love and admiration to their rough pages I want to hold them close and then they said something about Father’s Day on the loud speaker and I realized I don’t understand what Father’s Day means any longer and there are lone men wandering around the store looking at books and drinking coffee and I don’t know if they know what it means either and why do so many magazines music and otherwise show men fully clothed and women half naked all the time those women are some father’s daughter and I wondered if the women wore clothes on Father’s Day but then women are trained to be looked at because men want to look at them women are things and men are dressed and women are not because that’s the way men who have all the power in our culture and pretty much the world want women to be naked helpless and vulnerable so it’s easier to catch them all the choices are made my men who might be someone’s father and happy Father’s Day to all the men who love their wives and children fathers who are generous kind attentive and sweet men who do not beat rape and torture their wives and children but make them happy so much music denigrates women turns them into things to be used abused and disregarded all those men and women had a father they were all children who were TAUGHT how women and men were expected to act and treat each other taught what their place in the world was  taught where they belonged in the society in which they existed we allow this travesty to exist and teach it to our own children hand it down from one generation to another and then spend the rest of our lives trying to protect our children from what we taught them to be protect them from the violence that is all around them violence that we have taught accepted and do nothing to stop the rules we have been taught are unfair on-sided, deadly and for the benefit of men we have been conditioned and brainwashed to not see what’s right in front of us but instead meekly accept the way things are when we don’t actually HAVE to do that women have always needed men to protect them from other men that’s still the case today that’s why we have John Wick and the guys in Fast and Furious, men who can’t be beaten and their women are tough but not quite as tough as they are men who are violent killers but soft and sweet on the inside those are our heroes and both men and women want to BE them because in our world if people fear you they will leave you alone the Boogie Man carries weight the weaker men the sidekicks are also protected by the Wick’s of the world because everyone needs protection in the violent world we live in so here I sit in Barnes and two women came in wearing sari’s while I’m wearing jeans and a Janis Joplin t-shirt with black gyms that have skulls on the shoelaces and the sari wearing women would look like me if they were only born here and I’d be wearing the long thin sari if I was born where they were because we’re all basically identical until the RULES turn us into what we become without our consent or knowledge and all the rules were made my men I hate that so much because it stops women from becoming

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6 Responses to stream of consciousness…

  1. Eezna says:

    Oh my, that was a long long sentence. It’s incredible how you could write without a full stop😱👌

  2. It’s just a bunch of thoughts all at once. “Stream of consciousness,” no stops, just thoughts. 🙂 You just do it, it’s not hard, just start writing what you’re thinking.

  3. Pam Stevens says:

    Heyyy you tricked me into reading something heavy. You start out with giant chocolate chip cookies in a book shop, and then you lead off into a very negative place. Positive waves, please. Give us a heads up next time.

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