Quote: Alberto Giacometti

In a burning building,
I wold save a cat
before a Rembrandt.

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10 Responses to Quote: Alberto Giacometti

  1. m.caimbeul says:

    Giacometti was an incredible artist as well as a remarkable person. A great book if you can find it is: a Giacometti portrait. by James Lord.

  2. m.caimbeul says:

    I should add that his lifestyle reflected a very wise economic philosophy that was so inspiring I adopted it 22 years ago.

    • I am going to look up the book right away. I want to know more about him. Thank you for the title. I’m excited to read about this wonderful man who loves cats. I’m interested in the lifestyle you’re talking about as well. Definitely. Thanks again.

      • m.caimbeul says:

        Giacometti came to Paris an unknown typical starving artist and moved into a dilapidated building in the artist slums. The building consisted of a row of 10’x10’ rooms with a single bathroom at one end. Giacometti lived and worked in one room, his brother Diego lived in the room across the narrow hallway where he did Giacometti’s bronze casting.
        Years later after becoming wealthy and world renown the only thing he changed was to rent another room to live in next to his original one. When James Lord asked in an interview why he lived the same way he did when he was poor, Giacometti replied that he was accustom to and preferred to live a lifestyle that if he became destitute tomorrow it would have little impact on him. The ultimate security, I couldn’t think of a better way to live.

      • Makes perfect sense, especially to someone who came from poverty. I ordered the book. Thank you.

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