was a bully
who married a woman
who idolized him
and was weak enough
to push around
he cheated on her
and neglected her
but she stayed
like far too many women
until she couldn’t take it
any longer
he was a liar
an egomaniac
at least according to those
who knew him
he was cruel
especially to
who did so much
for him
he hit women
and encouraged
other men to
hit women
as well
he only thought
about himself

I don’t care
what he wrote
it all came from
as far as I’m concerned
the bells
tolled for him

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26 Responses to Hemingway…

  1. You could put Bukowski in there, same man only more vulgar.

  2. cindy knoke says:

    I have long questioned the adoration of Hemingway who was quite a perverse person. See: https://cindyknoke.com/2012/07/11/hemingways-fetishism-by-carl-eby/

    • First, I did not know you have another blog, which I am now following. Second, I never heard of that book. I didn’t realize he had all of those problems, as well as the more obvious ones. Thank you so much for that wonderful review. I read Movable Feast not too long ago, Melanie suggest it because of Paris. But I’ll have to read it again. You’ve opened more doors about him and I’ll have to check out that book. Thank you so very much. I could never understand why he was so popular and well loved. Never. Thank you again. ❤

  3. cindy knoke says:

    PS- And don’t forget, he took great delight in life long big game hunting in Africa and bullfighting in Spain. One could this obsession as part of his uber-masculine defensive identity.

  4. He was a bullshit artist.

  5. m.caimbeul says:

    A movable feast was a good book with a lot of insight but it’s the only thing of read by him. I’ve never been interested in reading his macho B.S.

    • He was not a nice person in any way at all. Cindy (above comment) added a link that told me things I never would have guessed about him. That’s the only book of his I’ve read as well. Unfortunately, he’s in a lot of books about Paris in the 30/40s but they are about the time period, not just him. Cindy’s link (it’s short) really opened my eyes.

  6. Flavia Vinci says:

    Hi am horrified! What a disgusting personality!

  7. moonmaenad says:

    I’ve never thought him a great writer either..I detested reading his male bravado bull shit in HS…and it was Gertrude Stein Who cleaned up his literary messes..writers who disrespect women and live like he did deserve no respect

    • Thank you for that wonderful comment. Stein definitely helped him, but she was also a bully and an egomaniac, telling anyone who would listen, that she was a genius. The way she had Alice take the women into the other room, so she could just talk to the men she was “helping.” LOLOL She and Alice were godparents to Hemingway’s son. Different times, that’s for sure. Thank you again.

  8. moonmaenad says:

    …And Fitzgerald put his cruel diatribes to shame

  9. Fitzgerald helped him so much and he was horrible to him as well. Just a really awful person.

  10. moonmaenad says:

    Yes…Stein was definitely barking up the wrong tree…but she did express similar brutally dominant behavior…tbh, I’m not a major fan of hers either

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