How they met…

“Do you believe in vampires?” he asked.

“Psychic or regular ones?”

“Regular ones.”

“Yes,” she said. “I know a lot of the other kind, personally.”

“Why do you believe in them?”

“Because I’m not stupid enough to think that I know everything, and anything is possible, when it comes to what’s here and what’s not.”

“Good answer.”

“It’s the only answer,” she said. “I believe aliens live among us and I don’t mean people who come from England.  But, if aliens, from outer space, reproduce on earth, let’s say in Ohio, then their baby will not be an alien, but an American from Ames, Ohio.  Is there an Ames in Ohio?”

“No idea,” he said.

“That doesn’t make sense.  The thing about an alien being American, I mean.  I’m not sure why?  Is that speciesism?”

“Maybe.  An invasive species.”

“What if they’re even more violent than we are?”

“As hard as that is to imagine, it’s more than possible.”

“Supposedly the government gave them some of us in exchange for tech.”

“I think that’s true.”

“Do I know you from somewhere?” she asked.

“No.  I just saw you sitting at the table, reading Ancient Aliens, and I thought you might have something interesting to say on the subject.”

“I don’t think the aliens are nice.”

“Neither do I, but why do you think that?”

“Because our government is corrupt and evil and they’re working with them, so…they must be hateful killers as well.  They want to take over the planet and our government officials are puppets in their alien three fingered hands.”

“Do you want to split a bagel?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said.  “I’d like cream cheese and jelly, please.

He nodded and went to the counter.

“Thank you,” she said.  “This looks delicious. And, the lizard aliens are supposed to be the worst, but the grays are horrible too.  None of them are nice.”

“We aren’t nice either,” he said.  “Supposedly we’re torturing some of them and keeping them in vats.  I think Tricky Dick loved that.  He showed Jackie Gleason who was so traumatized he wouldn’t come out of his room.  His wife said he just cried and cried.”

She nodded.  “We aren’t nice either. You’re right.  What if they really have lost their emotions?”

“Don’t care what they’ve lost, if they’e here to kill or enslave us.”

“We’re already enslaved,”  said said, miserably.

“True, but we’re used to that enslavement.”

“So, you don’t think it matters that we’re enslaved? It just matters who enslaves us?”

“I didn’t say that, but at least we know this enemy,” he said.

“I see your point, but I’m not sure I agree with it.  Great bagel.”

“They murdered the engineer who had a gunfight with the gray’s in that deep tunnel.”

“I know.  He was brave for coming forward.  For showing his scars to the audience.  He said our government would kill him, since they know the gray’s are living there.  He killed one of the grays.  Other men were there and saw it as well.  I wonder how many of them are still alive.”

“Our government kills whoever they feel like killing.  Well, anyone who tells the truth, that is.  His wife said they murdered him.  And they murdered the nurses who treated the aliens at the Roswell crash.”

“Too bad we can’t leave here,” she sighed.

“Agree, but even if we could, where would we go?” he asked.

“Maybe there’s a resort inside the moon.  They know something’s in there and that it was put where it is.  They know that it’s hollow.  Remember when something hit it and the scientists heard ringing for ten minutes.  Not to mentioned the doctored government photographs.  The woman who doctored them went on tv and told everyone that she did it all the time.  I wonder if they killed her for that?”

“I read about that and I saw the film.  The woman who was doing it, was in her office while she was being interviewed.  She said she smudged the face.   She said she did a lot of erasing of things and machines that were picked up by the camera.  All we ever get are lies,” he said.

“What about the vampires?  You started the conversation with them.  Do you believe in them?”


She nodded.  “We have no idea what’s really gong on around us.”

“No, we don’t.  How can we, when we are lied to at every turn and blinded as well.”

“Do you want to go to a movie this weekend?” she asked.


“Okay,” she said, “but here’s the most important question.”

“Ask away,” he said smiling.

“Star Trek, or Star Wars.”

“That is an important question.”

“I know,” she said, seriously.

He finished his coffee and the last bit of bagel.  “Fine,” he said, sitting up straight.  “Star Trek.”

She smiled.  “My name is Laura.”

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