About the Andrea Dworkin Quote…

I typed in free quotes by Andrea Dworkin, and quotes came up, but apparently the one I used wasn’t free.  Someone owned it, I guess, or something like that.   Anyway, I’m sorry about that.  I had no idea that it wasn’t okay to use it.  I tried to write to the person, on the quote but it wouldn’t let me.  Very confusing, to say the least.  Again, sorry about the misunderstanding.  Didn’t do it on purpose.

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20 Responses to About the Andrea Dworkin Quote…

  1. We women need to celebrate our heroes. I love that you put up her quotes. You’re not taking all of her writings and publishing it. And you’re not profiting off of it. Are you making money off your blog? I wouldn’t think someone would have standing to object, aside from Andrea Dworkin or her publisher.

  2. That’s what I’m going to do from now on. I think I was on his site, one that he pays for, so that was the problem. Anyway, I’ll do it another way, as you said. I hope you find more time to do your art. Miss seeing you more often.

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