The future…

reduce population
by having constant war
go to a cashless society
so people are no longer free
to earn or spend as they please
control health care
control education
who gets it
and who doesn’t
produce a slave population
drug the water supply
use propaganda
mind control
and punishment
to get what you want
from the masses
remove every bit of
from the lives of others
militarize the police
and give them unlimited power
over others
call it One Government
The New World Order
and you can see that we are
already on our way.

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6 Responses to The future…

  1. Or it might all just collapse into a mad max scenario…

    • If what “they” say is coming, Mad Max might be better. I keep thinking of Terminator, people living in tunnels, sending out small parties of fighters, or Mad Max in the wasteland that we have turned the earth into, but neither of those deals with government turning against the people like 1984. Those are apocalyptic themes, as opposed to the government turning on the masses and enslaving them. That’s what I believe is going to happen. It’s already happening.

      • Hi… I think the governments can enslave the people and yes I definitely feel the erosion of freedom in my own life time. My feeling is that because the environment is collapsing non of this apparatus of control will be sustainable, the manufacturing base will collapse. I think the world could look a bit like Syria. I feel that maybe hundreds of years after mechanised industry has collapsed human society might revert to being more humane. It has to settle at a lower carrying capacity

      • I’m not sure what will be going on in a hundred years, but if things keep going as they are, we might be gone. I don’t think humanity was EVER humane. Not even for a day or two. We are a violent species and archeologists have found the earliest skulls bashed in from fighting. Two people and there’s trouble. So I have no hope for that at all. I wish I did. We might work together for a short time but we would revert back to what we really are and the fighting would begin again. I don’t think women would be able to stop it then either.

  2. Resa says:

    I see it happening, and I am afraid!
    However, I won’t stop doing my art, or enjoying a slice of life.

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