Did you know that if the sun disappeared, we would be thrown into space at the exact moment it was gone.   If the sun went out, we would be an ice cube 8 minutes later, but if it disappeared the curvature of space/gravity that hold us in orbit would disappear and we would be on our own.  We would all be dead, of course, but still, the planet would be flung into space.  Kind of cool and interesting, don’t you think?  I don’t know how the sun could disappear, however, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.


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15 Responses to FYI…

  1. Don’t let the sun go down on me! 😂

  2. Oh yes…I hope sun will never disappear

    • Well, it definitely will. Universe will end in ice. Darker than anything we can imagine…everything dead, hanging in space in cold so cold we ca’t imagine that either. That’s why physicists say…so far. Universe is moving away faster and faster. BUT, before that the sun will eat us. We’ll be dead before it does, because it will boil away the oceans and we will be gone before that but it’s a wee star so it will eventually become a white dwarf, after it shrinks from being a red giant. Too small to become a black hole. That’s a long way off. Like really long. LOL

  3. Ms. Vee says:

    Never knew this. Love the sun even more!!

  4. As I said in the above reply…it won’t shine forever but that’s ages away. 🙂

  5. Nia Nashay says:

    I like this. Deep thoughts.

  6. essiep says:

    Not exactly, the earth would not feel any effect for 8 minutes. That includes the loss of the gravitational attraction towards the sun. That would also remain for 8 minutes.

  7. Hey, you are free to believe whatever you like, but it won’t change the facts. I watched a whole program on it and that’s the way it is.

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