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Spiral staircase — Moda-Creative thinking

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Stream of consciousness…

I think we are all questions without answers for example can everything be attributed to our chemical makeups hormones brains or are we something entirely different from what we think we are I mean it’s possible that we have no … Continue reading

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I think rats and mice are so beautiful…my cousin and her daughter are terrified of them but I don’t know how that’s even possible when all I want to do is hug and pet them…

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IT NEVER STOPS RAINING AND BEING DARK…garden is eating the flamingos and I can’t save them because it’s too bloody wet…it’s always night and no spring or sun in May…don’t move to Chicago unless you’re a mole.

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How they met…

“Shhhhh,” she hissed.  “This is a library.” He made weird hand motions and started doing charades. She snickered and hit him with the book in her hand. He flipped open his note pad and wrote…IF I DON’T FIND OUT WHO … Continue reading

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Prince would like this picture… PURPLE RAIN

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Choices…a poem

we get to spend our lives in different ways depending on where we came from depending on what we’ve been taught depending on who we are there is no right or wrong things just are we get to CHOOSE from … Continue reading

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Life..a poem

no one knows what’s going to happen next we go through our daily routines but we are usually asleep as we walk the mazes that are carved into our brain cells from never ending repetition but the fact is life … Continue reading

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A short…How they met…

“Do you like parades?” he asked the woman standing in front of him in the checkout line. The checker looked at him, then at her.  She shrugged and shook her head.  “Worst pickup line I ever heard,” she muttered. “It’s … Continue reading

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Food for Thought-Regulating of Women — lauravent69

via Food for Thought-Regulating of Women — lauravent69

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