John Lennon…Give Peace a Chance

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10 Responses to John Lennon…Give Peace a Chance

  1. Resa says:

    He had to be vilified! He was causing people to think.
    Message through music is amazing powerful.
    He was saying too, much.
    All I am is saying… is give peace a chance.
    All he was saying…. he was killed for?

  2. Doesn’t seem like it should be so damn hard to accomplish.

    • I think it’s impossible, actually.

      • Evidently not. Hell, having 10 people in the same room try to agree on what’s for dinner is impossible. World peace? Doesn’t seem likely. 😕

      • You are so right about THAT. Neighbors fight, everyone fights. We work well together in a crisis but when it’s over, everyone starts fighting again. What’s with that? We all want our own way, all the time. So I’ll settle for equality and owning my OWN body.

  3. I love this song so much. I agree with Resa on this, well said Resa.

  4. It will last forever, well, you know what I mean. It’s handed down from generation to generation. 🙂

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