ADBUSTERS…fantastic magazine

According to ADBUSTERS 26 people own more than half the worlds wealth.  If that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach maybe you should read it again.

This magazine tells people what’s actually going on.  Some of the pictures are horrifying but true, and they don’t play games about what’s going on.  They go after the liars and corporations and government phonies and show us what they are doing and how.

Oh, by the way, WELLS FARGO is paying $575 MILLION dollars to END inquires into it’s unlawful practices.  We are the most corrupt and greedy…you can fill in the rest_______.

Pick ADBUSTERS up at Barnes and Nobles.  It’s one of my favorite magazines. It’s mixed in with TIME and NEWSWEEK, etc, the magazines that never tell the truth except by accident.

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6 Responses to ADBUSTERS…fantastic magazine

  1. grogalot says:

    The beginning of ‘wealth’ was when the rich got an indirect line from the government to the pocketbooks of citizens via the income tax. The rich have been sucking money out of the peoples pockets ever since. GROG

    • Gouging. That’s what they are doing. Going for a two class system. Deadly poor and fantastically rich. I think it’s time to take a stand and stop corporations by boycotting all of them. Or pick one and do it one at a time. The government is in bed with the church and industry. The only way to hurt any of them is in the wallet.

  2. Resa says:

    Arrrrggggghhhh! Don’t get me going! My forefathers came to the new world to escape persecution from taxation brought on by the rich (royalty and the church) and persecution of religion. (again the rich and the church) Through their blood, sweat and tears they built a better life for us, their progeny, who are throwing everything in the garbage…. literally!
    Of course they also slaughtered, and maintain in hell, the true inhabitants of our (their) land. (the indigenous)

    • It’s so sickening. All of it. Men are never going to stop. And while some women are horrible as well, they don;t really have any power and are usually doing what they do (turing on other women) for their own profit and position. Which makes them even uglier.

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