Okay, so…FREE WILL

Religious, right-wing, people can’t possibly believe in free-will.  Unless, of course, it’s their own.  It’s obvious that other people aren’t allowed any will at all.

Our country was founded on NO WILL ALLOWED to others. It’s still the same.  The masses are still working for the rich who can jail or kill them anytime they feel like doing so.

Anyone who is religious can’t possibly believe in free-will. Unless they use their free will to follow someone else’s rules and never make up their own mind at all.  If their god gave them free will, then why would he ever punish them for exercising it?  Why would suicide, abortion, or anything at all, that’s a personal choice, be wrong, or punishable by their god?  I don’t get that part.

The whole point of FREE WILL is to make up your own mind.  So their god are screwing with them or they don’t get what free will IS.

Well, everyone gets to believe what they want but I personally think religion is the biggest evil on the planet, well the government too, of course, but they go hand and hand in a country that believes in separation of church and state.  Lolololol

FREE WILL means you get to decide for YOURSELF.  I’m deciding that the government doesn’t exist and neither does religion.   See, both of them together are KILLING EVERYTHING and I bloody well don’t like that.


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