Very short story dedicated to George Orwell…

“Birth control is illegal.  Underground sellers, or buyers, go to jail for life, or are hung.  Houses are being torn down to make room for more prisons.”

“They’re closing the borders.  Women will not be allowed to leave the country.”

“Mexico will collapse if more of us go there.  Canada is doing what it can but they afraid
America will go to war to get us back.”

“They want us to wear uniforms, showing our age, so they’ll know who is in their best reproductive years.”

“They’re taking our children and turning them into soldiers to fight for their plan of world domination, to enslave all women and kill men who don’t get on board.”

“What happened?”

“When it started, no one did anything to stop it.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.  Give me your hand.”

“Remember Thelma and Louise?”

She smiled at her friend.  “To them, then.”

“To them.”

And together, they jumped, like so many other women who ended their lives,rather than live in a country where they were forced into reproductive slavery.

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