This is a rerun…we were arrested and went to trial for drawing on the sidewalk with calk in opposition to new laws they wanted to pass that would endanger teenage girls who wanted safe abortions. Our records are sealed and we can’t even get them under THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT

Chalkers for choice…

Becky Bell was the name of the teen who died from a botched abortion.  Her name was on my bracelet.  We wore bracelets with the names of teenage girls who died from not being allowed to get safe abortions.  I had hers.


Debbie is laying down, I’m writing.


(Above) This is my son, who died from leukemia.  This was a demonstration, opposing our arrest for writing on the sidewalk with chalk.


The guy is Angelo, Debbie’s husband.

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28 Responses to This is a rerun…we were arrested and went to trial for drawing on the sidewalk with calk in opposition to new laws they wanted to pass that would endanger teenage girls who wanted safe abortions. Our records are sealed and we can’t even get them under THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    My, my. I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side. 😉 Kudos for chalking the sidewalk. And your son looked like a great guy. Sorry for your loss. I know you have had many. 🙂 We’re barely learning how to deal with the loss of one of our sons-in-law two years ago. You are a brave woman, my friend. And I am honoured to “know” you.

    • Thanks, but I’m not really brave, I just do what needs to be done because I have to take responsibility for my life and be able to live with myself. Someone has to speak up. I think six of us got arrested…it was done throughout the city. But we were in a suburb and we were the only ones who were arrested because someone saw us and called the police. The Media went insane. They were on our side and got the village to admit that if drawing on the sidewalk was illegal they would have to arrest children too. They kept calling us anarchists. They looked like idiots. That’s my daughter laying down. I really shouldn’t have gotten her arrested but, that’s life. We were drawing crime scene outlines to show how many GIRLS would die because of horrific law they wanted to pass and naturally the men didn’t care because they would be just fine, AS ALWAYS. Morons, each and every single one of them. It is good not to get on my bad side, however. LOLOLOL But unless I have to go after someone because of laws, etc., I just walk away and that person dies to me. I’m half Sicilian. I can do that.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        You did well. The crime scene outlines were an excellent idea. And then you get arrested! Unbelievable. How come no major drug dealer ever gets arrested, right?
        Half Sicilian, eh? I’ll make a note never to “cross” you as the English say. Have a great week-end, Gigi.

      • Women re more threatening than the Cartels and dealers. Hey, I made a paper fish,wrapped in newspaper and sent it to a friend’s husband. LOLOL Might as well use what we have, right? You have a nice weekend as well. We have nothing but rain but it’s still the weekend.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        Rain? After the snow? Wahhhhh!

      • It never seems to stop raining. Our weather has become horrendous. People are actually moving in droves to escape the darkness. We didn’t get spring again this year and I don’t want to stay here either. Can’t go out…too cold, too wet. It’s horrible all the time. Winter lasts longer and comes earlier. It’s just like being a prisoner.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        I can imagine. That was (one of) the main reason for me to leave Europe and go to Mexico. The weather and absence of light most of the year. Hang on. June is coming.

  2. Resa says:

    Love your mind…. and OMG you are a beauty!

    • I’m not a beauty, but thanks. I was involved with NOW and we all went out and did the same thing but we were the only one group arrested because of the horrendous suburb we were in. It got TONS of media coverage, which made us look good and them look like the idiots they were. The courtroom was packed solid and there was so much noise the judge said if everyone didn’t stop making noise he would clear the room. LOLOLOL

  3. Arrested for writing with chalk? Like the police had nothing better to do that day…

  4. You really are beautiful and you and your son are beyond courageous. He surely took after his Mom. I’m bursting with admiration because I know you will always fight the good fight. That you were arrested is an example of how peaceful protest laws are blatantly disregarded and that is one reason we are at the sad place we are today. Hats off to you and your son, you are the heart and soul of bravery. We need that now more than ever , we must keep resisting. ♥️♥️

    • Bravo to Debbie and And Angelo, I’m just blown away, we must all show our strength now.

      • That was the only time Angelo was with us. He was driving and then started drawing outlines around Debbie. They tried to get one woman for leaving her 16 year-old-son alone at home. Child neglect. We couldn’t believe it. He was huge and old enough to do anything at all and they just would not stop trying to pin all kinds of things on us.

      • It’s horrible…

      • It’s what men do when they feel threatened by women and chalk.

    • Thank you. My daughter and son-in-law did it with me. My son demonstrated against the government with us at city hall. He was always supportive and contributed. I honestly don’t think anything we did was brave or special. I mean you either want girls and women to die or you don’t. If you don’t then you have to do something to stop it, right? It was a surprise to be handcuffed, frisked. When they took our “mug” shots I couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously, they probably only got my chin because I thought they were so stupid and funny, I just cracked up. If they thought innocent women were criminals, then everything was fucked up so bad. One of the cops was angry because I had $200 in my purse. I said I was going grocery shopping tomorrow, so what if I had food money with me. How nuts is that? We were given paper to write what happened and no one wrote anything. I didn’t know not to write anything, so I wrote how the government kills women on purpose and they don’t care what happens to children, etc. So the opposing lawyer, thinking he was going to read something that would harm us, read what I wrote out loud and it made him look even more stupid. I even added that we used environmentally safe chalk because we cared what happened to the environment and to women. We were released on bail, which was returned. We got 6 months probation and our records are sealed and unavailable under the Freedom of Information Act. We tried getting them but we can’t have them because we are DANGEROUS WOMEN, since we drew on the sidewalks. Morons! Absolute MORONS.

      • It’s frightening what they can and are getting away with. They would love to do away with protest of any kind…then we could be just like Russia.

  5. One man, who was handing out fliers for animal rights was arrested and called an American Terrorist. He wrote and said to be careful, since they were out to stop all protest.

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