This is from Resa…

Resa says:

My back is acting up, today… and then when you said you’d do the surgery for free, I laughed so hard that I had to go get the heating pad.
I had a friend who was raped. (circa 1968) Abortion was just legalized in Canada…BUT you needed to go before, and be blessed by a panel of doctors. In cases of rape, you had to prove rape in court.
She lost the court case because the judge deemed it was her own fault for wearing a mini skirt. The rapists (2 of them) got off scot free.
She did the coat hanger thing.
She almost died. In later years, she was told her entire reproductive system resembled cottage cheese. Mental and emotional consequences are still ongoing.
Maybe some of those people who want to reverse things should have a good sit on a coat hanger?
Up yours, a$$h01e!

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19 Responses to This is from Resa…

  1. m.caimbeul says:

    The most effective justice comes from the bottom not the top.

  2. omordah1 says:

    So very sad. The pendulum must swing back again, but it will need a lot of help from those who care.

  3. I hope Resa’s back is better, I didn’t know you are a freelance orthopedic surgeon. Yay! Such a sad thing but not uncommon prior to RVW and now as if these old conservative right wingers haven’t set us back far enough they won’t be happy until women here are living under Sharia law. I can only imagine what they have hidden in their own closets to make them hate women so much.

    • No, I said I would do the surgery to remove the brains of the senators in Alabama, that’s what she was talking about. LOLOL Religious fanatics are taking over the government and are a perfect fit with the conservative women hating men who have always been there.

      • Oh, I thought you were offering free surgery. I was going to get in line! The Federalists (religious fanatics) are already running the government with their big bucks.

  4. Oh, sorry about your back. Blah. And you’re right. There is no real government working FOR the people, it’s a syndicate.

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