Quote: Margaret Sanger (that’s the whole point of what the men want…they don’t want women to be free)

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4 Responses to Quote: Margaret Sanger (that’s the whole point of what the men want…they don’t want women to be free)

  1. grogalot says:

    I think men are afraid of women. The men have kept women as virtual servants, uneducated and tied to their masters by anti-women laws and practices. Men still live off of the prohibitions of prostitution. Women must have the same rights as men, by law. GROG

    • Thank you so very much. Women are hated for so many reasons. Underpaid, so they can barely make ends meet, women are denigrated for being dependent on others, when it’s a FORCED dependency, imposed by men. No equal pay, that’s for sure. And if you’re a woman of color, good luck. Poverty has your name on it. FORCED poverty. Now it’s going to be FORCED PREGNANCY. Women are expected to fight over, or for men, because that’s where the wealth and safety is supposed to lie but women are held down at every turn. No laws protect us. None. Now they are trying to use the law to control our own bodies and put us in jail, or kill us, if we don’t OBEY the religious right. But, again.

      I absolutely agree that men are afraid of women. Margaret Atwood said: “Men are afraid women will laugh at them but women are afraid men will kill them.” The bottom line is that a lot of men, especially the conservative, religious, right-wing men, are mentally under developed and afraid that if we are free, we will do to them what they have done to us. Hateful men, right to the core. They are the definition of evil.

      • grogalot says:

        Parents must teach their little boys to respect girls, and to respect themselves. That Supreme Court Kavanaugh guy, he is rotten inside and he knows it. Wouldn’t it have been uplifting if he had admitted his youthful stupidity and said he was sorry? Then he might have been up to the job of being a Supreme court justice! GROG

  2. I agree but I also know that it’s very difficult, maybe depending on where one lives, to teach boys to respect girls because EVERYTHING in our culture tells them, and shows them, that females are less and “other.” We are portrayed as objects, for the use of males and even seen as prey. We are not treated equally, in any area. Everything we do is deemed less, not worth anything. From art to intelligence, we are portrayed as far less important than males. Our culture rewards men, and punishes and holds women back, So, as I said. I agree that we need to teach boys to respect girls but what we say and what they experience in the outside world are two different things. Look at what’s happening now. Men want to actually control what women do with their own bodies. What kind of message does that send out to males? How many men will actually fight for a women’s right to have safe medical care? How many men will care when they can walk away and nothing about a woman and pregnancy touches them in any way at all. Their bodies are sacred while men think they have a right to ours. Hateful.

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