My country what? Four verses

My country, ’tis of thee…   (What does “Tis of thee,” even mean?)
sweet land of slavery
of thee we flee
land where our fathers lied
land where Native Americans died
from every mountainside
let prejudice, injustice, violence and hatred ring!

My country’s on its knees
due to a white man’s sleaze
of thee we scream
land where all freedom died
land run on only lies
see how a country dies
let’s start another war

Pollution’s everywhere
plastic bags float through the air
money is king
all life is dying now
trees being all cut down
no food without the bees
no songs are sung

apathy has brought us here
everything that we hold dear
is fading fast
soon we will all be gone
nature will sing a song
balance will restore it all
let freedom ring


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