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The thing is wealthy women can get safe abortions, the ones married to the men who vote against them.  They can always fly to France or any other more enlightened and less hatefully sexist countries and have a mini vacation and get things taken care of.  It’s poor women and teenagers who suffer and often die because of UGLY, hateful men who despise them.

This quote is from my friend Candy.  Thanks dear friend.  Sisterhood rocks.

Comments on: "Horrifying how much men hate women…and their fear and hatred leads to death and misery but they don’t care as long as they believe they can control us…" (21)

  1. They can come to Canada.
    We did not join America in the Vietnam War. The male draft dodgers were protected here.
    I’m thinking we’ll do the same for women.
    The USA is freaking me out!

  2. We have to fight this with all we have. These religious fanatics and puppled republicans will not be happy until we are under Sharia Law. We have stop this now for the sake of our young girls and all women. How cruel and sick they are.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s The Handmaids Tale coming to life. This is the beginning. Seriously, women and girls are going to die because of the hateful ugly horrific men.

    • Horrifying times. This is a hate crime against women and an effort to control our bodies and our lives. Those who will suffer are poor women and teenagers.

  3. I couldn’t be more angry, we must fight this assault on women. They will not be happy until there is Sharia law in the US. Resist these hypocrite religious right bastards with all your might. They don’t give a damn about the child once it is born, that’s obvious by the way the republican right fight the social programs for children. If their young daughter needed an abortion they would see that they got it. They are putting lives in danger, the woman, the doctor. They are despicable.

    • That’s the truth. They take care of themselves and everyone else can die. It’s so disgusting and they are so horrible. Well said, Holly. Bravo.

      • I am so disturbed, frightened by these self righteous power grabbers, they hate women because they hate themselves.

      • I think it’s more that they FEAR everyone of those they have held down. If we got together and fought back or dropped out that would leave them counting their useless money and staring in the mirror. This is all based on MONEY. Pieces of paper that we have agreed means something. We need to make our own money and cut them out. If we can make the american dollar unless they have nothing at all. I have no idea how to do it, besides making new money and having people accept it instead of the stuff we have now. It’s the only way we can stop them because it really is about wealth. Take away the money and they’re like everyone else…because they are like everyone else underneath.

      • You are right and I’ve said many times, mostly regarding Trump sheeples. Only when it hits them in the pocket book will things change.

      • That’s all that matters to them MONEY. Money gives them POWER. We need to stop that.

      • The most beautiful word ever. We need to find what they own and dump them, if we can. We need to cut them off. I talked about this before. I don’t see any Hummers on the road any longer. People stopped buying them. Too expensive. If we stop…things go out of business. Bookstores, retail shops. People buy on Amazon and kill local businesses. We need to stop them by not buying what they’re selling.

      • We need to stop buying American made products. Everyone’s going to say , not a patriot, but it’s our big corporations promoting these Republicans for tax credits which they got. Women are the majority , we need to learn how to act like it.

      • You are absolutely right. We also need to find out which foreign companies are owned by the rich Americans. Great idea. I’ll start looking right away.

  4. We should all be frightened. If there is another civil war, it’s going to be really bloody because they will kill us by the droves. I don’t understand how the military can shoot their own people but they did it at Kent State and they will do what they are told, regardless of who they are told to kill or beat.

  5. Excellent quote, but so terrifying that it is true.

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