Flower…Chicago Botanic Garden

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4 Responses to Flower…Chicago Botanic Garden

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Ethereal lightness of being!

  2. my turn to sigh…-2c here today …i want try one of these this year ….Campfire Rose has exceptional hardiness combined with eye-catching blooms and bright glossy foliage. Shapely buds with yellow and red tones open to semi-double flowers of yellow, edged in a deep rosy pink. As the season progresses, the pink edging becomes more prominent and produces an incredible smoldering blend of yellow and deep pink blooms that continue until frost. Dark green glossy foliage has excellent disease resistance and stems are smooth with only the occasional short thorns. Campfire’s luminescent blooms on a compact shrub will light up a landscape.

    • Wow! I’m so very impressed. I didn’t know what it was. Thank you and believe me when I say, EVERYTHING around here needs to be hardy. I’m so happy you liked it and told me all about the beautiful flower. Thank you.

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