she thought the world
must be ending
since it was snowing
so close to summer
but then she looked at the flakes
and knew they couldn’t help but fall
it’s not as if they fell on purpose
she thought
like everything else
snowflakes did
what they were programmed to do
never realizing that they would be gone
before they knew it
so she asked the flakes
to please be careful
of the new and tender leaves
of the buds
and wisps of living things
making their way through the soil
for their yearly chance at seeing
a ray of sunlight
and feeling a warm breeze
against their new born petals
she asked the flakes to be kind
but they looked at her sadly
and said
we are what we are
our path cannot be altered
anymore than yours
but we will land as gently as possible
and sing softly as we fall
and perhaps that will be enough
to calm your lovely garden
and warm your trembling heart

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6 Responses to Snow…

  1. That, my lovely Gigi, is absolutely beautiful.

    • It’s awful out there and if all the plants die it will be a summer without flowers and color. I went out there and swept the slush off of the Day Lilies and Hosta plants but they are all flat and the snow/sleet is not stopping. I’m glad you liked the poem. Thank you.

  2. Resa says:

    Poor spring snowflakes. Poor spring plants.
    Mother nature is confused.

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