Okay, so…here’s another thing

We believed the world was flat, that an eclipse was the work of evil spirits that needed to be pacified with human and animal sacrifice, that drought, and every other weather event was due to angry gods, that the sun, and EVERYTHING else, revolved around us.  Ego much?

The point is, that all of those things were once believed to be FACTS.  You think we would catch on that the stuff we know today is based on what we actually know NOW.  A hundred years from now people will be writing about the stupid things WE believed.  But that doesn’t stop us from making excuse for our horrific behavior.  When they write about what we did to the planet the writers will be amazed that we ALLOWED what we are doing to actually happen.

We aren’t any different than the people who came before us and the people who come after us will be the same as we are.  Every current generation thinks THEY know what’s going on, in spite of the FACT, that  it has been proven over and over again that we just don’t have the information we need to know what’s going on.

It’s as if we’re severely brain damaged and unable to learn from our past experiences which are RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES.

Look, instead of trying to figure out what to do to clean the oceans, people are spending a ton of money trying to figure out how the native people on Easter Island moved the statues.  They are using CRANES and up to date technology to do it.  Duh.  There are all kinds of THEORIES that won’t change a single thing in the lives of those who are hungry or the fish who are poisoned, or the kids with allergies because they can barely breathe  our air.  But, who knows, maybe they’ll find the cure for AIDS or cancer, once they know how the statues ended up where they are.  I’m not suggesting we don’t do research.  I’m suggesting that we figure out what needs to be done to survive and stop the ice caps from melting because if we become extinct, the statues will still be there.

Foot binding, FGM, all seemed like good ideas at the time.  FGM is still being practiced today.  All things done to women.  If a woman’s foot wasn’t the size of a newborn’s no man would marry her so a woman had to be crippled in order to survive. Because women couldn’t survive without a man.

Beliefs come and go and the people who live through the transitions are the ones who suffer because of them.  People are killed because they love someone of the same gender.  How INSANE is that?  It’s no one’s business what anyone else does.  That’s what FREEDOM means.  And the guys in washington who are homophobic are then are outed, which just go to show us that it’s all a bad joke, except for those who are beaten or killed.

There used to be a belief that people (women) couldn’t have sex before marriage (everyone did but they just lied because we do what we want and are forced to lie by the arbitrary rules set up by our culture), divorce was bad, women couldn’t work outside the home, Ms would never catch on.  All things that seem childish now.

Well, EVERYTHING is like that.  The things we believe now will be different in the future but we take things so seriously, and people SUFFER because of the things we think are important, when they aren’t.

Sigh.  We make excuse to do whatever we want.  THE GOLDEN RULE is the biggest con of all.  That would mean that priests should be raped over and over and over again and that animals should come INTO OUR HOMES and trap and shoot us, then have us for dinner.  That would mean that the pope would actually have to GIVE something to others, instead of hoarding gold and art and texts and all the rest.  The Golden Rule is meaningless verbiage, blah, blah, blah.  No one would want done to them what they do to others.  We lie to each other and to ourselves.    Men would have their feet bound so they couldn’t walk, have their genitals sliced and diced so they couldn’t feel anything.  They wouldn’t be able to make enough money to live, they would be dependent upon women, attacked in the street, afraid to go out alone at night.  They would be battered and abused.  They would live in fear of women.  That’s what the Golden Rule is all about.

So, lets play, Do Unto Others for awhile and see how the other half likes it.  We just keep saying the dumbest things and worse, people think that they are actually saying something.  Let’s all move into the vatican and play do unto others.  Let the pope move into the slums and see what real life is like.  THERE IS NO GOLDEN RULE, THERE’S ONLY POWER.  See how fast the Golden Rule would disappear if we tried to enforce it.   Men would get rid of it immediately because they would never in a million years want done to them, what they do to others.

Once you understand that, then the world makes more sense.  We’re going to look as ridiculous as the people who believed the earth was flat or that we were the only ones in the universe when there a billions of galaxies like the Milky Way.  Conceit, ego and insanity make up our lives.  We think we can kill whatever we like, and we justify everything we do.  We make up stupid sayings and then do the opposite.  We are controlled by morons and no one seems to notice.

I think the sacred cows and cats should run the show.  That way we could all bask in the sun, lay around on the grass or a soft blanket, take walks and just relax now and then.  They don’t have rules.  They don’t really care what shape the planet is, they just want a little sun and and something to eat, now and then.  They don’t need a president cow to tell them what to do, or a president cat.  I’m not saying I would want their lives, believe me, I’m just saying that we could learn how to cage more naps and roll around on the ground more often.

Just some stuff I’ve been thinking about this morning.  You know, just stuff.

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2 Responses to Okay, so…here’s another thing

  1. Henry Lewis says:

    Stuff, but VERY powerful and poignant stuff.

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