After reading and posting the quote from the terrific blog:  The Art of Quotation, I started thinking about how the catholic church imprisoned, or killed, those who said, or believed, anything they didn’t TELL them they could say or believe.  Scientists, pretty much anyone.  They can still kick you out,  turn their back on you, unless you’re really rich, or do anything they like, to those who refuse to OBEY…again, unless you have money and buy them off, which my grandfather did quite a lot, actually.  He didn’t have a lot of money  but it was enough to buy dispensation, even for other people.  As if any of it was real.  He just went to the church, handed over the money and they shook hands on it. god was okay with that I guess.

I was talking to two adults who wouldn’t allow their children to read Harry Potter because the church said they were not allowed to read it, because of the witchcraft. Maybe if Rowling had BURNED all the women, they would have put it on a MUST READ list, to show uppity women what happens to them when they step out of line.

Anyway, the church gets to dictate what a person reads.  So the adults did not read the wonderful and enchanting books, but they said all three of their children did, even though they weren’t supposed to read the series.  It gave me hope that the kids were smarter than their parents and didn’t blindly follow the rules made up by others, as if they were idiots and couldn’t read any book they liked.

Here’s the best part, someone in the church had to have READ the books.  Someone in the church has to do pretty much EVERYTHING they tell everyone else not to do, don’t you think?  How else would they know it was bad for the sheep?

When anyone tells you what you can, or cannot do, laugh really hard, and WALK AWAY.

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