Mary…please read this poem FAST, out loud, loud and with anger. Thank you.

my name is Mary
I’m known as The Mother
My true identity was stolen from me
when I was but a girl
I got pregnant
Joe told them that we never had sex
to protect me
to stop them from killing me
but still
we fled
I rode on the back of a poor burro
I walked as much as I could
to spare the being my weight
but my due date was fast approaching
and I was tired
the trip was difficult
but no one knows that I was an artist
a singer
and a person
men have dressed me in blue and white
and put my likeness into buildings corrupted
by their power and greed
new brides kneel before me
they put flowers at my feet
they ask for things
for favors
as if I have the power to grant wishes
and all I want to do is scream and tell
them not to lose themselves
not to give themselves away
I’ve always had a temper
I never followed the rules
men hated my independence
and looked for ways to break me
but then I had my first child
you’ve probably heard about him
it seems as if everyone has
since they use him to advertise
their false cults called religion
the rest of my children are unknown to you
kept secret
even when the truth is obvious
but not Joe’s son
not the son of some alien made up god
which hurt Joe deeply
but he was afraid to speak up
afraid they would kill me
and his son as well
so he said nothing
and today people celebrate our son’s birth
and his death
and they believe he came back from the dead
which of course
is not true
but no one seems to care
about truth
but again
women’s lives are stolen from them
they become someone’s mother
or lover
but no one cares who they ARE
not a word has been written about me
that can tell you who I truly was
what I was like
what I loved
I’m the mother of a made up god
who ran away to stay alive
I’m a definition
not worthy of a past
or personality
and men labeled the other Mary
prostitute and whore
for doing what they did
on an everyday basis
my son loved and married her
she was a sweet woman
who loved nature
and my son
but they don’t want you
to know
or believe the truth
they want all women despised
seen as evil
apple eaters in another made up story
when the TRUTH is right in front of you
get me off this fucking pedestal
and open your eyes
don’t bring me flowers
think of me as a human woman
with wants and needs
and love and fury
and rage
know that I was forced
because I was in love
only power hungry people
fear the choices made by others
remember that
remember me
not as a blue veiled statue
lied about at every turn
think of me running through the street
filled with life
a young girl with a dream
of her own
and then see what they did to me
never forget
that they will never let you be free
you have to take your freedom from them
and see through their lies
I am not your mother
I am not here to watch over you
or give you what you want
I am not hope
I’m the sister of Gorgons
of Medusa
of Rage
I’m an example of what men do to women
do you understand


remember that

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24 Responses to Mary…please read this poem FAST, out loud, loud and with anger. Thank you.

  1. mihrank says:

    Reblogged this on Mihran-Kalaydjian Real Talk and commented:
    Mary…please read this poem FAST, out loud, loud and with anger. Thank you.

  2. Now why would you want to concern yourself with silly details like truth?! …and delve into Mary as an an entire, individual person not just a pretty face for the cover story? Silly woman.

    Seriously….. well done, read it thrice! Passionate, evocative and just fabulous!

  3. Thank you and thanks for catching the typos.

  4. Pain and Power…Wonderful creation!

  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    GOOSEBUMPS! Powerful, Gigi! Goosebumps won’t stop!

  6. dharkanein says:

    That is such an eye opener, so relevent and the truth. I read and re-read loved the force it has.

  7. Such a powerful piece of writing dear Gigi, you are so courageous. I admire you so much!

  8. Forgive me for repeating myself, but I must. With a bit more deserving emphasis this time, though: FUCKING BOMB!, BANG!, & WOW! A timely, enjoyable read, indeed.

  9. I agree with Peter’s comment above.
    Wow. Thank you for sharing.

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