How much money in INSURANCE
do you think the catholic church
is getting for the fire?

Even if it would be enough
to pay for the rebuilding
they would still take money
from the people.

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14 Responses to Okay…Question…

  1. mcaimbeul says:

    Damn, never thought about that. Good to see the church hasn’t lost its age old business model, “profit from misfortune.”

  2. You know, it never crossed my mind. Now that you mention it, it’s unthinkable that they wouldn’t have some sort of insurance policy in place… I do wonder!

    • I’m sure they had EVERYTHING insured for as much as they could. The art, the building itself. This is a windfall for them. They’ll take everything they can get from everyone and come out way, way ahead.

  3. Oh damn, you’re perfectly right. I even did not think of that 🙁

  4. Kate says:

    The cathedral itself is owned by France not the Catholic Church.

    • You are so VERY kind. I’m truly grateful and honored by your generous nomination, but I do not accept awards. Just being nominated is a wonderful thing. I can’t thank you enough.

  5. Resa says:

    The pope is worth $75,000,000.00.

  6. And some people still believe he’s okay and follow/worship him. Gak.

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