Art and the philosophy of life

Black, White, People, Lake, Bw, Light

I suppose the picture could stand for serenity, peace, calmness, meditation, even death.  It might be beautiful to many.  I like looking at it, but I’d never want to be in that situation.  The birds are nice.  The water’s like glass, with a few ripples.  Yeah, never in a million years.  Definitely not for me.

Comments on: "What does this picture say to you?" (17)

  1. It is beautiful and to most would be a peaceful prospect, yet I find it isolating and a bit frightening.

  2. Freedom, tranquility…I think sometimes in this busy life some moments of quiete and tranquility we all need 😊

  3. I see loneliness

  4. I love the picture. Reminds me of the lobstermen who row out to their boats early each morning before the day is spoiled.

  5. Kind of makes me wonder how they got there

    • The picture is so quiet that it makes me want to whisper. LOL I know what you mean. Seems as if there is no shore anywhere. That’s why it reminds me of the seconds before he crosses over into death.

      • Oh shit that is way cooler then what I was thinking! I thought he just hitched ride on one of those ducks to get out there

  6. First of all ducks HATE that. LOLOLOLOLOL And second, they belong to a union and in order to drag a boat to the middle of the lake, they would need a LOT of ducks, overtime, two extra days off with pay and a raise. Otherwise, it’s a good thought. 🙂

  7. It’s stunning!

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